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  1. The application states "Explain here any changes in your title resulting from promotions or other job changes during this period of employment." Can someone guide me as to what they are looking for here? i started working as a Project Manager Intern and then my title changed to a regular project manager. is this all that i need to state or do they want more information like if my responsibilities changed? Any insight would be great! Thank you. [P.S. this is for NY State if that helps]
  2. engineer123

    Has anyone taken the chemical CBT exam?

    Hey how was your experience with the PE CBT format?
  3. engineer123

    CBT...anyone try it yet?

    bumping this topic Seems like chemical is only the discipline so far which is currently offered as CBT. Based on what I'm reading here, you can't bring your own references/textbooks anymore?! Can anyone else please share their experience? Thank you!
  4. engineer123

    Transition to computer based exam?!

    By the way, I plan on taking the PE Environmental. I just did some research and found out that each discipline will eventually become CBT. Here is the tentative schedule: https://ncees.org/exams/cbt/ Since the environmental discipline will transition to CBT next year, does that mean the paper/pencil format is completely eliminated? I heard the CBT format are not open book, meaning you can only use the supplied pdf reference manual? Can someone clarify if I'm allowed to bring notes, textbooks, etc?
  5. 0Hi All, I want to apply for the April 2019 PE Exam and I am just getting started with my application. I checked to see when the deadline is and I come across this paragraph from the NYS website: NCEES Principles and Practice (PE) Examinations (April 2019 paper and pencil & computer based exams): With the ongoing conversion of the NCEES exams from paper and pencil to a computer based format, where the exams are offered year round, the NYS exam application deadline has been eliminated. Applications will be reviewed in the order received and notification of the results sent to the applicant via email or mail. We strongly encourage applicants to submit their applications at the earliest possible date Based on this statement, I guess the PE can be taken any month now (no longer April & October). And there seems to be no deadline either. This seems too good to be true but can anyone confirm this? If this is true, then that's great because I really want to take my time in preparing the application. Thank you in advance! P.S. has anyone taken the computer based PE exam yet? Just wondering if only certain states are offering this option at this time.
  6. engineer123

    V4 LEED BD+C

    That's great! Where can I read it? I'm going through the reference guide but surely I need more condensed material.
  7. engineer123

    V4 LEED BD+C

    I'm taking LEED AP BD+C in a few months (hopefully i'll be ready by then) but i figured starting a forum on this exam would help others out. Post your questions and advice/feedback here! Also if you know any good study materials, please feel free to share I'm really nervous about this exam as I heard V4 is much harder than LEED 2009. I can't seem to find any good forums out there either..
  8. engineer123


    Has anyone taken the V4 LEED AP BD+C. I'm currently studying for it and I have a long way to go. There's too much to memorize but I'm willing to give it a shot. If anyone can provide any insight (topics to focus on, study materials,, etc), that would be great!
  9. engineer123

    What is the best online review course for the FE Civil?

    PPI wasn't much helpful in terms of the contents of their review material. At least for me <.< I hear School of PE is really good, especially for those who have been out of school for a while.
  10. engineer123

    FE Environmental exam study references

    Definitely get Michael Lindburgs FE review book. It covers a lot of the morning topics. I had trouble finding good sources for the afternoon section but used mainly my school notes. Im an env engineering major so my notes were helpful. Also make sure you check out the list of topics on the exam from ncees website.
  11. engineer123

    Has anyone taken the CBT version of the FE?

    Congrats! Wasn't it nerve racking when you got the email? I remember being so nervous last month but its a great feeling when you see the word "Passed" ??
  12. engineer123

    Has anyone taken the CBT version of the FE?

    Good luck!!!
  13. engineer123

    Has anyone taken the CBT version of the FE?

    Between 10 and 11 am
  14. engineer123

    is the quiz bank from ppi2pass a good source?

    FYI the ppi source was a waste of money. Still passed my exam but you dont need their quiz bank to pass the FE Also they have terrible customer service.
  15. engineer123

    passed the FE!