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  1. @EngMelYeah same here, I was surprised at how quickly they processed it!
  2. @vee043324It is kinda tricky as to what information you want to write down on the flashcards (because they can ask you anything haha) but you should at least capture the basic facts/concepts. The Intro to Enviro textbook is pretty useful. Go through each chapters and write down terms, definitions, etc. I will say it is time consuming to make flashcards but this is a study method that I know works for me lol good luck!
  3. Thank you!! @txjennah PE Now comes the waiting part lol the state boards told me it takes about 6 weeks to receive the NCEES scores and then another 4 weeks for the license #. I hear that NY is a very long wait and could take many months
  4. Hey guys, got the result and PASSED Thank you to everyone who provided advice along the way. It was a tough journey but it is definitely doable! Also I will provide a write-up shortly of what materials I used to study. Update: Here's how I prepared. I studied for about 6.5 months (almost every day after work and on the weekend). I studied both calculations and reading as well. The prep material and references I used were: Intro to Environmental Engineering textbook Air Pollution Control by Cooper & Alley Other materials used for reading were Environmental Law Handbook, RCRA Orientation Manual, EPA Fact Sheets, etc. PPI PE Environmental Practice by Wane Schneiter PPI PE Environmental Practice Exam by Wane Schneiter (two sample practice exams) PPI2PASS On-demand Course (sample quizzes and exams were useful. You can also watch the lectures if you need to) NCEES PE Practice Exam So overall, I think the PPI material helped me the most with my preparation. I can agree with everyone else that the exam had a lot of qualitative questions. For these types of problems, I spent a good amount of time reading and memorizing facts (which I'm glad I did lol) from my textbook, codes & regulations, printed handouts, etc. I also wrote A LOT of flashcards because that helps me to remember. Good luck to all
  5. Hey guys, I was solving an atmospheric dispersion question and was a little confused on something. In the problem, stability class is C and effective stack height H was given as well. Since the downwind distance X was not given, they used the formula H/square root of 2 to find the vertical dispersion parameter (z). Then they used the graph on Page 67 of the NCEES Handbook to find downwind distance X using the Class C and vertical dispersion parameter. Here is my confusion: On Page 52 of the NCEES Handbook, it says this equation is for Neutral atmospheric conditions. Isn't that Class D then? Can this equation be used for other Stability Classes? I hope someone can clear this out for me. Thanks so much in advance
  6. Congrats @waternerd @jtimothythompson!!!
  7. @jtimothythompsonfingers crossed that you pass Good luck! Can you tell us how you prepared for the exam?
  8. @environ-profCongrats! Seems like the CBT exam is doable since everyone seems to be doing well Makes me feel a bit better lol Just wondering if they take away your old dry-erase notepad, can you request it back to check your work? I wouldn't feel comfortable returning the dry-erase pad knowing that I want to re-check my work at some point lol
  9. Thanks @Kara_ENGR. And wow 10 months!? Mine took 4 months and even then I was so anxious :/
  10. @Kara_ENGRI'm going to be taking the exam in NY as well - just wondering when you scheduled your exam through NCEES, did you have to pay $375? Because I thought the fee that we already paid to the NYS board ($377) would cover for the first time we take the exam. Please advise - thanks!
  11. Does anyone know a good source for studying Solid Waste Management? I have the introduction to Environmental Engineering textbook which briefly goes through it but there were barely any problems to work out (or the problems barely aligned with the reference manual equations). Also, would I have to know how to calculate truck routes? I just don't feel super confident in this section due to the lack of resources.
  12. @Waterchild best of luck!!
  13. @GirlsCanDesignAWESOME!! Congrats!!! 🎉🎈✨
  14. I'd like to know this as well! lol I just tried searching on amazon & ebay for books but didn't find one. I know Chegg has textbook solutions so that might be an option.
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