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  1. engineer123

    Best review courses to take?

    Thanks guys for your advice!
  2. engineer123

    Best review courses to take?

    Soo theres school of PE, testmasters and EET (Civil WRE). Any recommendations anyone?!
  3. engineer123

    Best review courses to take?

    Ive been out of school for 5 years so Im not sure if its worth taking a review course for the PE Environmental. Can someone recommend which courses were helpful and which ones had good practice problems? (I think Air and possibly wastewater treatment might be my weakest areas). Any insight would be appreciated! Also, I've seen some people here recommend which textbooks they've used to study for the exam which was helpful. Just wondering, do you just do the in-chapter practice problems? Where can I get a bunch of practice problems to just sit down and go through? (besides the ncees questions of course) Thanks
  4. engineer123

    CBT prep

    Best of luck to you! Im still waiting for my application to get approved first, so i wont be taking the exam anytime soon. Let me know if you find the cbt version "easier" and how youre preparing for it this time. Apparently the chemical cbt pass rates went up after the transition so thats a positive note!
  5. engineer123

    CBT prep

    Anyone taking the CBT version? I just don't know how to start studying for it lol. I looked at the textbooks that the folks on this board recommended. If I had to buy all those books, it would cost me at least $500 (btw I prefer to own books rather than rent so I don't feel rushed to return them). Anyways, I don't know if its worth buying ALL the books if the test is now CBT. Are there pdf versions out there that are cheaper? Any advice would be great
  6. I think most states require work experience approval first before sitting for the exam? Just wondering which states are exempt from this rule.
  7. engineer123

    NYS PE Application Processing

    I would like to know the answer to this as well! Also how do we check the status of our applications? Can it be done online? Getting a hold of someone on the phone takes so long in NY
  8. engineer123

    NY State application

    Hi @NY-Computer-Engineer, just wondering how do we follow up on the status of our forms (for approval to sit for the exam). When I log into NCEES, I dont see any online options to view the status. Do I just have to contact the NYS board directly by calling or emailing? Asking a fellow new yorker so thanks in advance!
  9. engineer123

    EIT License

    I never bought mine because its not required to do so, but I believe its about $70. You can purchase it anytime before you take the PE. Once you become a PE, you cant buy the EIT certificate. But I'd call the state to verify this. Congrats on passing!
  10. engineer123

    NCEES Review for Work Experience

    Also if anyone can help me on the following question regarding applications: On Form 4 which asks you to check off the disciplines in which majority of your work experience was in - does this in any way effect the PE discipline that you want to take? I've worked on numerous disciplines for various projects so I don't know how many to check off? Maybe limit it to 3?
  11. engineer123

    NCEES Review for Work Experience

    @NY-Computer-EngineerI didnt know they ask for revisions on our work experience applications? I thought they review the application all at once and either approve or reject. Im not familiar with the review process so just wondering what should I expect. Also I thought NY takes 1-2 months to review.
  12. @Bobbybuddythank you so much for your detailed study plan + advice! Will definitely refer back to this thread when I am ready to start preparing. Although I am wondering if the Unit Conversion book you mentioned should be used when studying for the cbt. I would assume I'd need to memorize conversions rather than relying on a book. I cant remember if the ncees reference manual had unit conversions?
  13. engineer123

    Oct 2018 Environmental

    Thanks! I def will wait a few months to see how others did on the cbt version. I still plan on taking SOPE courses though. Did you by any chance take this course? If so, did you take the live classes or on-demand? Im leaning towards on-demand mainly because my work schedule is so busy during the week, and i'll be able to watch the recordings on the weekends at my own pace. But i hope i wont be missing anything important during the live courses haha
  14. engineer123

    Pass Rates Updated NCEES

    Why does enviro say "cbt" when in fact those results are based on p&p? Lol
  15. engineer123

    Oct 2018 Environmental

    Congrats to all that passed enviro I hope to take the exam next year but with the cbt switch, im really lost as to how to study. Seems like the paper exam is already tough as is, but now that its "closed book" not sure if it'll be tougher? But then again the chemical cbt pass rate is pretty high 😖