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  1. 130tucker

    Getting a late start in south Alabama

    Update after the results are released: I passed if anyone has questions about the School of PE and the experience I had that is wondering if they should pay for the course or not, I will be happy to talk about it. Just send me a message.
  2. 130tucker

    AL results are out

    got the email and checked yesterday. one and done thank God!
  3. 130tucker

    Getting a late start in south Alabama

    I just wanted to post an update now that I'm waiting on results. I don't work in a Civil type job environment. I finished school in 2008 in Biosystems and passed the Environmental FE in April of my senior year. I took a couple years as an engineer to manage a team of Natural Resource Advisors and then on the Biological Assessment for the Deepwater Horizon incident. That's why I had to wait until 7 years out of school to take the test. We're expecting our first child in June and I guess I will find out the test results just before he's here. I ended up doing the School of PE on demand series. I wish that I had been able to attend a classroom course or a live webinar, but that's how it goes sometimes. I was able to get in right around 100hr of studying. Thankfully, work was slow the last two weeks before the test and I had some time to do some studying at the office. Overall the School of PE stuff was great, but I felt like it mirrored the practice exams a little too heavily. That may be because the Civil test changed for April 2015 and this was the first time they had taught it in the current configuration. The morning portion of the exam didn't go as great as I had hoped. I felt pretty beat up at lunch. The afternoon wasn't as bad as the morning. I felt more comfortable with more of my answers. I didn't do a count because I didn't want to get dejected or over-confident, but I would say that I felt uncomfortable with about 8 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon. Overall, I am VERY glad I took the class and I would recommend it to anyone. If I didn't pass, I know that the class prepared me better than I would have prepared myself.
  4. 130tucker

    What's the scoop on PE exam locations?

    Mobile, AL Seat # PE 28 University of South Alabama, in the University Ballroom....whatever.
  5. First time taking the PE, taking Civil - Water Resources/Environmental exam April 2015 Well, the plan was to go take the TestMasters course in Birmingham, it was supposed to last from March 21 to April 11 and I was going to be good with that. My wife took the course and passed on her first try so I figured I would do the same thing. Ends up, I get boned HARD when they decided to cancel the class and I didn't figure that out until March 12. I guess now I'm going to look into the School of PE on-demand course and I wanted to ask if anyone had any luck with the Kaplan course? Anyway, it's off to the library or somewhere similar for me tomorrow.