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  1. Did you pass the test?  If so, will you consider selling the Transportation references?



  2. West Virginia results released. I got NCEES e-mail at 8:06am this morning, May 22 (Day 35). I passed!
  3. Second try, Civil - Transportation - Failed Oct. 2014, PASSED April 2015! I started studying in mid-February, and by March I had refreshed everything I had studied for Oct. exam. A solid 5-6 weeks on studying this time, and mainly focused on highlighting and tabbing all reference material and getting familiar with what table/equations apply when and where. This is most important for Transportation exam in my opinion, as there are many, many reference materials you need to have. By knowing what book to use and what section to turn to, I was very confident and able to answer most PM questions within 1-2 minutes. Thanks to everyone for tips, tricks, sample questions, etc. It was awesome to update my e-mail signature at the office this morning with "P.E." after my name instead of "E.I.T."!!! FYI - I took the test in Charleston, West Virginia. They don't release scores for passing results.
  4. Not sure how to upload a photo on here, but I just got my results this morning and I did pass! Thank you again everyone!
  5. Hey Everyone I just wanted to thank you all for your posts on Sample Questions, Reference Materials, Tips, etc. over the past 3 months. Reading Topics on this forum really helped me better prepare for the PE Exam. I had failed the Exam my first time taking it in October 2014, but I am 99% sure that I passed it last Friday! The morning portion of the Exam had a lot of theory questions, which I am not too good at, but I feel as if I got 26-30 out of the 40 correct. For the Transportation PM portion, I probably got 32-36 (or more) correct! I figure that both low figures, which give me a minimum total of 58 correct, is enough to pass. I don't know whether it was a difference in the questions from October to April, or the updated specifications for the Transportation PM portion in April 2015 (or a combination of both), but I am thankful that there were multiple problems from the MUTCD, HCM, and Green Book, where if you knew where to look, most of the problems were easy to solve within 1-2 minutes. To anyone who will be taking the Civil PE Transportation Exam in October 2015, I strongly recommend using this Forum and its topics for guidance. Also, a big help for me was really getting familiar with the MUTCD, HCM, and Green Book. Not only knowing generally where things are, but tabbing those 3 books out, and using highlighting/underlining of equations, tables, exhibits that are frequently used in sample problems. Getting familiar with these 3 books did far more for me in preparation than working extra sample problems ever would have. There are always many problems on the actual exam that never appear in sample exams (whether NCEES, Civil Engineering Academy, or any other third party). Get to know those books! Thanks again to everyone, and I will be sure and post again to this Topic with a screen shot of my passing result from My NCEES account in about 6 weeks to confirm with you all that I did indeed pass the test!
  6. Re: NCEES PE Exam Civil Transportation Design Standards (Effective April 2015) - Questions Michael, Thanks for your detailed email. I apologize for my delayed response. If a supplement or errata is needed, we will include those in the list of design standards or notes. If you use the editions listed in the design standards currently posted in the NCEES website, then you are good to go. For the HCM, since Volume 4 is online and examinees cannot access the online volume during exam, only the printed volumes will be referenced in the exam. During the exam, if you do encounter an issue in terms of ambiguity or validity of the question, please provide to us feedback within 10 days from the date of the exam. Provide sufficient information for reviewers to fully understand your concerns. NCEES reviews all examinee comments, and the subject-matter experts consider comments about specific exam questions. If the reviews confirm an error in a question, credit may be given for more than one answer. Any resulting changes are applied to all examinees. Sincerely, Susan Susan M. Cline, P.E. Exam Development Engineer NCEES T: 864-654-6824
  7. I know that the 3 most important Transportation Reference Books are the 2010 HCM, 2011 AASHTO GDHS (Green Book), and the 2009 MUTCD, and that these will answer many questions for the afternoon session. I recently was able to obtain the 1993 AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures with the 1998 supplement, and the 2008 AASHTO MEPDG, so now I have all 3 pavement reference books (and 9 total of the 11 listed, not having the AI or the PCA books). I have now finished tabbing, highlighting, and underlining all of my reference books, and I have many tabs, highlights, and underlines in all of my books besides these 3 pavement books. It was difficult for me to skim through them, not knowing much about pavement, and I had no clue what would be of importance on the exam. I see that 4 of the 40 afternoon questions will be on Geotechnical and Pavement. Can someone (and hopefully many people) post some sample questions on this thread concerning Pavement, and also maybe list the Tables/Figures/Equations that are of major importance from these 3 reference books? Once again, I know that it is a minor topic, but every point counts towards a passing score, and I would hate to miss 1 or 2 questions if they could have been answered correctly by simply having a tab or two on these books. Thank you all in advance.
  8. MGSmith519


    Since the AASHTO Guide for the Planning, Design, and Operation of Pedestrian Facilities (July 2004) often quotes the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), and on Page 4 pf Chapter 1 at the bottom it is stated that "The portions of the ADAAG that are legal requirements can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations at 28 CFR Part 36," I think it is a good idea to print the ADAAG since it is only 90 pages, and bind it as an Appendix to the AASHTO book. It can be found here: and is contained on pages 23-113 of that PDF (Appendix A to 28 CFR 36 is the ADAAG). Page 15 of the ADAAG (Page 39 of the PDF in the link above) shows the Minimum Clear Width for Single Wheelchair is 36-inches continuously and 32-inches at a point (Figure 1). I said that to say this: No where in the ADAAG is their language on "pedestrian detours." And the question in this thread states "ADA Compliance". Regardless of what the MUTCD or other AASHTO references may say, the focus of this question is simply for "ADA Compliance". Now, I would assume a "pedestrian detour" to be considered a "continuous path of travel", and therefore would answer C - 36 inches. Keep in mind that even if the minimum clear width for a sidewalk is 48 inches per other AASHTO references, this question is asking for "ADA Compliance" only.
  9. I have the latest versions of all 6 AASHTO books, the HCM, and the MUTCD as listed on the NCEES Design Standards effective for the April 2015 Exam. I have a few questions concerning Errata, Corrections, Clarifications, etc. To ask these to all of you, I will simply copy and paste an e-mail I sent to NCEES this morning: I will be sitting for the PE Exam in Civil Transportation next month in Charleston, WV. I have the following questions for clarification based on the latest Design Standards listed per the NCEES website beginning with the April 2015 examination: For the AASHTO “A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets, 6th edition, 2011”, does this include the Errata that was issued in August 2012? For the AASHTO “Highway Safety Manual, 1st edition, vol. 1, 2010”, does this include the Errata that was issued in February 2012 and/or the supplement that was issued in 2014? For the HCM “Highway Capacity Manual 2010”, does this include Volume 4, which is online only at, and includes Chapters 24-38? Or does this reference only include Volumes 1-3, which consist of Chapters 1-23? Also, for the HCM 2010 listed directly above, does this include the replacement pages issued on 2/25/13, the page updates issued in 2013, the corrections and clarifications issued in January 2014, the interpretations issued in January 2014, and the page updates issued in April 2014? These 5 PDF’s are available at, but I want to make sure that these updates will be applied in the exam, as certain numbers in tables have changed, and would affect correct answers. Please respond as soon as possible with these clarifications. I appreciate any input in response to these questions. I guess the ultimate question is: If there is errata, page updates, etc. that have been issued prior to the exam, and these have changed numbers from certain tables, will the exam questions be based upon the errata, etc. even if NCEES doesn't quote them in their Design Standards list? The MUTCD clearly states "including Revisions 1 and 2 dated May 2012," but the AASHTO GDHS 2011 doesn't state something like "including Errata dated August 2012". Thank you for your input in advance!
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