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  1. New Giveway from PE Stamps

    @PE Stamps, in hopes that Alabama hasn't been claimed...I sent an email but did not note that I just passed the PE. Either way I will be needing a stamp.
  2. 2016 results

    I just learned this. You have to be a supporting member.
  3. 2016 results

    Congrats all. I pass as well.
  4. Map: April 2016 Results Released

    Alabama is May 19 this year.
  5. Engineer Skills

    Wow, I didn't know I would cause an uproar. Just trying to pass my time after the exam with my nonsensical thoughts. @Road Guy your site is great, I'm not trying to demean it.
  6. Engineer Skills

    Hi. I have a love/hate relationship with the way this board enforces engineer skills. Being an engineer you stand by what you say. Without an edit post button, here you stand by what you say. Food for though. While I'm offering critique, check out how the mobile site performs with banner ads.
  7. 2016 results

    Thanks for the heads up @SE_FL. I scored a 96%, how could that be. Woohoo
  8. 2016 results

    My timing was impeccable. I answered everything I knew just over 2 hours...it's too bad i didn't know more.
  9. April 2016 Power

    I enjoyed the PM. Definitely more theoretical questions that I prepared for. I worked through the test skipping questions I had no clue about and spent the rest of the time burning out my brain...realizing I couldn't find the answers in the books I brought. Jumping jacks helped about 3 hours into the PM.
  10. 2016 results

    This survey is meant to review the testing site and proctors. My site was adequate. There was no space to include specific notes about the test. It did say to contact NCEES directly if you have questions about the exam.
  11. Electrical PE Exam - Apr. 2016

    The analytical questions were tougher than I expected. However, since I concentrated my studying on practice exams I did good on the analysis questions. The end of May can't get here quick enough.
  12. Exam Day Rules for PE Exam

    How confident are you @Phenomenon083? I feel real good when I study in the morning. These past few lunch time and after work study breaks have been horrid due to tiredness.
  13. Exam Day Rules for PE Exam

    The search is on for a long sleeve shirt in my house. I'm always in short sleeves, even in the office. I'm trying to work through the NCEES practice exam one last time but I am burnt out. Maybe I should start my rest today instead of Thursday.
  14. Exam Day Rules for PE Exam

    I read through the testing day document many times to be clear I would not get kicked out. The only light jacket I have has a hood. The document states that no hoods are allowed. Now, I most likely will not need a jacket, but I want to have it just in case. Any thoughts?
  15. Good Exam Day Breakfast and Lunch food?

    I will eat cheese eggs and peanut butter toast for breakfast with an orange and a sandwich for lunch. I have trailmix and a bag of my favorite Easter candy for snacking during the exam. I'm taking the EE Power. This week I am taking it easy reading up on theory since I'm scared of the analytical questions. Also will be working through the NCEES sample exam one last time.