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  1. I was looking to see if anyone knows of any good books for foundations on rock. I'm good with soils, it's just rock becomes a little more complicated. I use the AASHTO code at work, and well if you have used that before, it's not very helpful especially with Driven Piles. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks! It's a standard detail from a State DOT so I guess then I will have to go to the State and ask what they meant by that detail.
  3. The one side is a square groove weld, but I'm not sure about the other side. It's not a v or flare v weld. I haven't seen that exact symbol before.
  4. I was seeing if anyone can help me with this weld symbol, I seem to being having trouble determining the exact weld? As a background, it's for a finger joint being used on a bridge. The detail shown is for the steel sliding plate. Thanks. Finger Joint Weld.pdf
  5. Thanks it does. I think what was confusing me was the word "lanes". And the other additional wording they have. But it make sense.
  6. I am a little confused by the wording in AASHTO LRFD C3. and how it relates to the Multiple Presence Factor. Here it is as follows: If a component supported a sidewalk and two lanes of vehicular live load, it would be investigated for: One lane of vehicular live load, m = 1.20; The greater of the more significant lanes of vehicular live load and pedestrian loads or two lanes of vehicular live load, m = 1.0, applied to the governing case; and Two lanes of vehicular live load and the pedestrian loads, m = 0.85. I understand bullet 1 and 3. Bullet 2's wording I think is a bit confusing. Can anyone maybe help me understand this one a little? Thanks.
  7. I noticed when calculating the development length for rebar in tension the lengths are much higher (6' compared to 1') when using the 2015/2016 Interim Revisions to the 7th Edition of AASHTO. Has anyone else come across this? To me, this doesn't seem correct. Has there been an errata?
  8. I emailed Roberta and she e-mailed me back with a registration number.
  9. Yea I know. I emailed Roberta last night to see what was going on. Because it has been over 2 weeks (even if you don't count the holidays).
  10. I am also waiting for Maryland to send something. Not sure why it is taking too long, but my guess is because of the holidays.
  11. Well I just found out I fucking passed the PE Civil, Structural afternoon, second time....OMG it's so surreal, I have to keep looking to make sure that I really did.
  12. I passed I Passed I Passed YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. OMG I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I only had fun making fun of you, but now you received your PE (which congrats btw), so....
  15. Well it will be today or tomorrow anyways. Question is whether to look at the results during work or when I get home.
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