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  1. I have a practice exam for sale, the NCEES Mechanical Systems and Materials. ISBN #978-1-932613-60-5 (I bought it 2 years ago and the cover looks identical to the one on the NCEES website for what it's worth). It's a clean book, hardly used only once. These sell for over $50 with shipping on the NCEES website. $30 shipped including Paypal fees and it's yours. Text (Four-Eight-Four)-326-6484. Thanks, Mike
  2. Also, the practice exam material was nearly identical to what I saw on the test.
  3. My overall total score last April was within 2 points of my practice exam that I took this winter. I'd say it's pretty accurate. I only wish I was you and missed 6 questions per session. Try missing half of them!
  4. Thanks guys. JHW, what twists me up on the test is when they take one theory and mix it with another. Say for example, a thermo problem using steam to push a lever that generates a force based on right angles and velocity. There's so many variables it ends up getting the best of me. I went through the book and answered as many reasonable questions as possible given the amount of time I had to study (3 months total). I spent an equal amount of time on each subject, and would throw out the obvious book subjects that I knew for a fact weren't on the test (i.e. calculus integrals, illumination and sound, linear programming, etc.). I really forced myself to struggle with the problems, and did on a regular basis. The latter parts of the chapters had problems so intense they actually had a 1 hour time limit on them, so I would review them rather than study them. What really grinds my gears is for 2 months I studied religiously, then the test comes and I get nearly the same grade as last time. I'm reviewing my sample test and finding out where I went wrong. It looks like a lot of unit conversions were messed up, and some key formulas that I couldn't find in the MERM index. Oh well, I'll try this go around and see if I have a slim chance of passing. Looks like I'll be trying to find a new discipline to take this in for the next go around. Thanks guys.
  5. Thanks for the great advice, guys. I'm going to take a different approach to my final studies and write out the solutions step by step like some of you mentioned, learning as I go. I'll keep you all posted. Mike
  6. KRF, I noticed you are having the EXACT same problem as me, almost down to a tee. I took the practice exam this past weekend and did terrible. I decided to make the following thread on here: Cupojoe also commented on my post, that's what brought me to yours. You aren't alone! I don't know what the problem is, maybe we're getting psyched out? I'm going to review my practice exam and see what I can do to change my test taking habits in the next month. Best of luck to you! Mike
  7. Thanks for the advice I appreciate it! I'll continue to review the exam sample problems, their solutions, and do the 6 minute solutions. Mike
  8. Hello All, I haven't been on this site since I last attempted the Mechanical Systems and Materials PE in April of last year. I made a valiant effort to pass the exam early last year. I took the School of PE course, I studied as much as possible in my free time, essentially gave up a lot as mostly everybody does for this exam. I was very disappointed to learn in June that I had failed, with a 37/80 test score. At that point I had even debated on even trying to take it again in the future. Ultimately, I dusted off my ego late last summer and skipped last October's exam as I got married last September. I decided I'd go full throttle on studying for the April 2016 exam after the Christmas season. Fast forward to this spring. This time around, I abandoned the School of PE's free re-take policy. Part of my decision to do so was because they practically wanted my birth certificate and health records to certify that I failed the exam. Also, I had scored a 37/80 after taking their course last time so it honestly must not have been that helpful anyway despite their "94% of students pass" statement. I decided to take a new study approach for the April 2016 exam. This time, I bought the practice problem companion to the MERM and went through the entire book, answering as many questions as possible within the last 2 months. This past weekend, I took the NCEES sample exam for my discipline, Mechanical Systems and Materials. I was very optimistic this time around since I had worked TONS of problems from the MERM companion. I set up my home office just like a real exam, I had ear plugs, a stop watch, asked the wife to leave the house, the whole nine yards. I must say I was extremely disappointed to score 39/80 after an additional 2 months of studying for this go around. I have recently debated simply cancelling my exam registration and salvaging some of my costs incurred, as it doesn't look good for me at this point. However, looking up the exam policy indicates I am S-O-L on re-cooping any funds 45 days prior to the exam. I am going to study the heck out of this sample exam, as some of the questions seem identical to what was on last year's exam. My question to you all is, how helpful is this NCEES exam with regards to a study guide? Have any of you had similar situations with your studies where you have scored poorly and turned around and passed the exam? I feel like I can't go on like this giving up my life and then failing this exam every time. I need to figure out whether I should cut ties with this or try a different approach. Am I getting psyched out?! Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  9. Thanks for the advice BLG, no offense at all. I thought the notes would help me, but it wasn't even worth bringing them.
  10. Also, I may try and get a full refund from School of PE, the material was way off and my class notes were essentially useless.
  11. Failed here too, first time....37/80. I had less than 2 months from exam approval to study, and put waaaay too much faith in School of PE. If School of PE was worth it's salt (and the $1,000 spent), I think I'd have scored better. I did every practice problem and troubleshooted wrong answers, attended every class, and failed. I think if I try this again next April (getting married in Sept), I'm going to begin doing timed NCEES practice problems right after Christmas. The issue I'm having is I am discouraged by such a poor grade first time around, will I even have a remote shot at getting it next time? I've failed a few standardized tests recently, and just may hang my hat and accept where I am in my career and stop wasting my time.
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    Epically failed. I guess there's next time...
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    I love how at any given point there are 22 people lurking on this board right now. It shows something LOL.
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    PA Board be like: "Goteem! HA!"
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