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  1. Yes, NCEES gave me my money back plus the administration fee. No, I don't have documentation that Georgia messed up. I did get a call from Georgia saying they apologize and it was their fault. They said they can't do anything about it and I have to take it in October. I did email the Georgia Board like a month before. I mentioned to the director that I did get the approval letter from Georgia in November but still wasn't "Approved" by NCEES to sit for the exam. Director told me that the approval process "comes down to the wire" and so I waited.
  2. I got a call from the Georgia Board saying that they had missed/forgotten to give my name to NCEES for the April exam. They said that there is nothing they can do and I had to wait till October. The deadline was March 5th, which is why my PE exam was cancelled. I filed a complaint to the Georgia Secratary of State.
  3. Finally had the Georgia Board open up a help ticket and they said they will email Susan Thrift that i was in fact approved to sit for the exam.
  4. I contacted the Georgia Board. The reason i didn't get the letter is because they sent it to the wrong email address. They mistaken a 'j' for an 'i'. But anyway i was approved to sit for the exam 11/24. I called NCEES and they told me to contact Susan Thrift.
  5. I never got the approval letter from Georgia. I assumed that the mail man sent it to the wrong person, because the Georgia website says that my application was completed and approval letter was sent 11/24/2014.
  6. I contacted the Georgia board a while ago and they told me that it says pending until 2 weeks before the exam date or even until after you take the exam. However, i checked the NCEES website today and my PE exam application was automatically cancelled on Monday. I guess i wasn't approved to take the exam?
  7. Thanks for the replies. Also, how would the State Board know it was infact you who registered on NCEES? NCEES only asks for your name and address, it does not ask for SS#, birth date, etc. What if there was someone with a same name?
  8. I was approved by the Georgia Board to sit for the April 2015 PE exam on 11/24/2014. I registered on NCEES 12/08/2014. However, under the 'Exam History' section on my "MyNCEES" Account, the Status is shown as "Pending Board Approval". What does this mean and is it normal?
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