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  1. This is not new, and furthermore it's posted in the league rules. Players can make picks as early as TUE. versus waiting until the last minute. Which happens to be only 1 HOUR before the day's first game. And really isn't considered to be "early" IMO. Yeh I know just weird that they lock so early...I know it's been that way all along, was just making an observation.
  2. There goes my chance of a 16 pointer this wknd.
  3. Why in the hell do the games lock so early?
  4. Looking for a little insight as to what everyone sees as the typical breakdown of experience, credentials, title, etc within their company related to roles. The company I worked for previously was very large. I'll use the highway group as an example of breakdown: Designer - Performed calcs, design and prepared plans. Essentially did the "dirty work". 0-4 years experience with an EIT. Project Engineer - Performed more advanced calcs and design and supervised Designers (checked calcs, design, plans, etc). Prepared contract documents. 4-8 years experience with a PE (sometimes an EIT). Senior Engineer/Project Manager- Supervised Designers and Project Engineers and final QA/QC. Managed workload, schedules, assisted group manager. 8+ years experience with a PE. Group/Project Manager - Managed group, solicited work, performed PM role. Variable experience and credentials (usually a PE). Have seen a little discussion on this before but never very in depth.
  5. Paid. Also replied to the PM to change my email address. Not sure if you sent the invite for the league yet or not but will need it sent to the email I PM'ed.
  6. I would recommend calling the state board. That way you know for sure.
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