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  1. Handbook because it is a hardback. I can't stand softbacks. Also look into a Tom Henry keyword index for the nec. It really helps a ton for finding information. Also get the tabs too.
  2. I did not reference examples during the test. I felt it could be distracting and lead to errors. Like I posted on the other thread you started your job and exposure to topics helps. Do you understand every problem in the practice exams? I would dig into ones you aren't about and really build a solid foundation.
  3. What is your current job? All I studied was the practice exams, but I have been exposed to a lot of concepts through work.
  4. When I started studying at the end of February I was overwhelmed. Looking at the ncees syllabus and skimming through the ncees practice exam I felt lost. I almost gave up but what helped me most were the practice exams. They helped me identify strong & weak topics. They also helped fill in the gaps on what references I needed to get.
  5. The NEC code drills familiarize yourself with the NEC. I have a copy forsale in the classifieds. I use the NEC at work so I am familiar with it. Also the Tom Henry Index is invaluable when using the NEC.
  6. I did not take a review course I started studying way too late to take one. I spent the majority of my studying doing practice problems: Complex imaginary (2 times), Spin-Up (Once), PPI (Once), NCEES (4 times)
  7. Also how are your study habits now?
  8. Transmission as in power flow? Circuit analysis would be helpful to find a good three phase book like Stephen Chapmans or Glover/Sarma and work problems from those. I found the Spin up exams had a lot of redundant circuit analysis problems on there also. I used to have a lot of trouble with 3 phase circuit analysis until I got my square root of 3 issues worked out.
  9. Also talk to other potential test takers. I know being able to talk to Kovz and compare our prep and reference notes helped tremendously. It also helped me by knowing I wasn't the only one nervous about this test.
  10. I passed my first time also. I started studying 6 weeks prior to the exam. Those weeks I would spent roughly 1-2 hours 5 nights a week doing practice exams. I did some on the weekends. I used the complex imaginary test(twice), spin up(once), NCEES(four times), PPI(once). I tried working the PPI from the get go and they were very different from actual exam topics they are kind of left field from my experience. During my problem solving I spent some time with my references and noted and tabbed. I crammed full a 3" binder full of print offs. I wrote a lot of notes in Alex Graffeos book and it was a great way for me to get up to speed. A lot of people recommend power system analysis and wildi but I barely touched these. I pulled out wildi once on the test and the index is no good so I gave up. I wasn't a fan. Stephen Chapmans book is better IMO. For future PE takers I would recommend: Graffeo Beaty standard handbook for EEs Homemade binder with things from this forum(there's a lot here you just have to dig) PPI EPRM NEC with Tom Henry index NESC (don't just print the scope bring the whole book) NFPA 70E Those are the things I used most on the test. Don't bother taking practice test into the exam it's a waste of time in my opinion to try to compare your problem to another. I never truely felt prepared but I was going on 6 weeks of intense studying. Got burnt out quick and spent my last few days tabbing and organizing. Most importantly, relax. it's easy to get frustrated and freak out but if you relax it keeps you from making stupid mistakes.
  11. I bleed blue. it's UK vs the world
  12. 1st attempt. KY doesn't release scores
  13. I started signed up for the exam February 18th. I ordered some books and practice exams on eBay. I tried to focus on some PPI sample exams but didn't like their format and wasn't getting anywhere with the NCEES practice test. Books arrived in March and I started studying usually nightly for an hour or so working practice problems. All I did was problems. Took a good few days off prior to the exam and went and took it. So I had a good month into studying I'm glad I didn't devote months like others do.
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