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  1. Did you take any other references with you such as Green Book, HCM, HSM for the exam besides the EET binders?

  2. The AASHTO Green Book is not free, EET has tables in the notes.
  3. I actually have a Structural background and the EET Course provide tables from all the important references. I learned everything from the EET Course. There were about two or three questions which I used other references to help answer. I borrowed some references and bought another one. I think the EETCourse will help you with most of the questions. Some of the references like the AASHTO Green Book and MUTCD can be printed for free online.
  4. I took the EET Course for Breadth, Depth, and Seismic. The EET Course was great. The instructors were very helpful and caring. The course material was great. The course is organized well. The practice problems in the course are helpful. I only took one Transportation course in undergraduate and do not work in Transportation, I took the course and I passed the exam.
  5. nightwing

    PE Certificate

    Are there any other websites that do this?
  6. The forecast in Southern California has rain on Friday. I was wondering if umbrellas are allowed inside the room. I checked the exam guide could not find anything. Does anyone if umbrellas are allowed? Thank you.
  7. Thank you. So if the question has measured FFS we can use that as the FFS? Also, if we had to calculate the FFS what would you use as TRD? Does Commuter traffic familiar with facility mean fp = 1? What would you as TLC? Thank you again.
  8. Does anyone know how to solve the NCESS Problem Exam Transportation Depth Problem 501? The problem is a HCM LOS Freeway problem. The uses a different equation and not the FFS equation. They use BFFS as the Design Speed (60 mph).
  9. Did anyone receive the NCEES Exam Authorization? I have not received the email.
  10. I am having a difficult time finding the errata for the reference materials for the Transportation exam. Can anyone please help. Where can I find them and do you have links to the codes? Thank you for your help.
  11. Has anyone mailed a Refile Application in California? How do you know if you are approved to retake the PE Exam?
  12. What is the better reference material Mansour or EET? I heard for the Transportation Depth the book from Mansour is good and the other reference materials like the Green Book or HCM is not needed. Also, I heard good things about the EET Binder and that it covers all the Transportation Depth. I hear that both materials are detailed and either material will be more than enough for the exam. Can anyone confirm this? what is better Mansour or EET?
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