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  1. I figured I would drink to celebrate that I felt good after the test or drink because I knew i failed miserably. Thankfully it was the "good job" drinking. Good Luck!
  2. Make sure they bring you a beer right after the exam. My wife had a IIPA that I chugged in the parking lot right after the test and it was the best thing in the world.
  3. I don't know if you can get them in time but I bought these for the MERM and they helped out a lot. I would have done the shaggy method but this saved me some time and personally think it looks cleaner
  4. I don't see how this would be any different than bringing in the six minute solution book and using it as a reference
  5. That conversion book is freaking awesome and helped me out on quite a few problems. I still actually use it.
  6. lundy

    tick tock

    I didn't stop drinking coffee, since I had to be up early I knew I wanted to be on top of things when I got there. I actually bought caffeine powder and brought some into the exam for the lunch break. It jazzed me up after the lunch feast.
  7. I took a couple hours and input my 42.5 hours of PDH's, long and tedious but it feels good now.
  8. So it's free to use the CPC service, I know that since I didn't pay to start it. But it's $175 to submit your CEU's the first year? If not, what's the $175 for?
  9. Looks like you can just use this and then upload it to your State.
  10. Awesome! I've been using this site but it will be nice to have it all on MyNCEES. So let me get this right, I upload my hours, my certificates, and when I need to show that I've done my 30 hours (Oregon) I just submit myNCEES record and I don't need to do any paperwork at all?
  11. Bummer you can't upload PDF's of certificates to store on there
  12. Yeah that sounds about right to get to 1,000 CFM. 3'x6.75' ish at 50 cfm is 1012.5 CFM.
  13. No worries at all man! I appreciate you looking, thanks :0
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