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  1. Anyone taking this anytime soon? I found this study guide online: but I'm not sure what other material there is to cover. I'm honestly not even sure I want/need to take this. I'm really just looking for career boosters.
  2. Yeah, I still use the MUTCD, HCM, AASHTO, so I kept them all. The CERM though, haven't opened once. I feel kind of guilty holding on to it if I'm not using it. I think its because the high investment cost. As far as the reference manuals, those are a must keep in my opinion. But the Lindeburg stuff, etc. Why even hold on to it if you're not going to use it professionally? I tried to give my stuff away to coworkers and nobody wanted it. SO I ended up selling most of it.
  3. I've kept my reference manuals and sold off most of the study books. I'm left with the CERM. Since I've passed (almost 3 years ago), I haven't opened it once. But there's so much good info in it. Other PE's I work with end up using it as a monitor stand or keep it on their shelves for years without opening it. For those who kept it, have you ever used it? Was it worth it?
  4. I have a copy of Mansour's study manual for the Civil PE Transportation Depth in great condition. I put it up on ebay if anyone is interested.
  5. Oh wow, California requires only 2 years? Does that experience have to be in California? If not, then I will move there right away! Its actually one the states I've been considering leaving IL for.
  6. About me: Illinois Civil EIT for 28 months, passed the PE at the 10 month mark. I'm considering leaving my state, but am wondering what difficulty I may run into if I choose to do so. Do I need to move to another "early" state to have credit for passing the PE? Could I move to any state and get credit for already taking the test, and pull a license in that state at the 4 year mark? (I'm assuming that this one is the most obvious 'no') Could I work in another state, use that left over experience to get a license in Illinois, and then apply for license in that state? Could any other non early state deny me a license (and require me to retake the exam) solely because I took the test early? Thanks for the help all.
  7. Why do you think theyre taking so long? Are they maybe cutting more people than usual?
  8. I just called. "By the end of the week" is what I was told. Dammit. I did not sleep much last night.
  9. I might've passed or failed, but I'm definitely demoralized from this experience. I did well in school and studied for 3 months with no social life for this thing, and did not see most of the material that I studied for on this test. You cant study for this thing. Not to mention, I saw some material that I didn't even encounter in my ABET accredited program. And then trying to make conversation during the break with the amphetamine hyped pseudoengineers in the lobby was a bit of a downer. It bugs me that my career is influenced by one single exam. I'll take it as many times as I need to though, but it does not hold the same value as I thought it did before taking the test.
  10. ...knowing that a conventional 4 way has 8 diverging conflicts
  11. One lane roundabout--there would be 2 diverges leaving each street, and 2 diverges entering each street. B) 4
  12. 3 months w/o a life. That's what scares me the most about failing. Not what I'll look like professionally, but the time I would have to dedicate to this all over again....
  13. Tabs, you say??? Ok, well I didn't know we could keep something next to us. I remember taking the FE and the testing center being really restrictive on what I could bring inside the testing room.
  14. Physically carrying it in is no problem for me. I'm just hoping that I'd be able to have enough space on my desk for everything. Also, I'm wondering if I'll even have enough time to dig through the pile I have (although its well sorted)
  15. Arg. There is either no edit function or I'm completely missing it. Anyways, that's about all the material I have. Has anyone here brought any of those extras in the exam with them? Anything you guys see that I should definitely not bring along? I hear desk space is not plentiful there. Also, here are my experiences on the material I took. The practice problems from Lindeburg were too hard and too time consuming, and I regret spending time on them. I basically did the whole book except a few sections we wont be tested on, and the last half of the structural section. I liked the 6 min solutions, Mansour's practice problems, and the practice exams I mentioned. I generally scored 65-75 on the 6 min/Mansour and around 85 on all the other practice exams. I'm not sure what that means. I took off next week and will be doing all practice tests. Lets hope it' all worth it.
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