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  1. I came back to thank you, NOLAENG. I used your advice and passed the April exam. I'd been worried since I started studying later than planned, but I stuck to the methods you described and it worked! I cannot emphasize enough how much solving practice problems is key to studying, less so than "reading to learn" the CERM. It's just too much information to retain. Getting familiar with the different ways they ask you to solve a type of problem comes with doing the practice problems. Tabbing the important and frequently referenced pages helped tremendously. Good luck to everyone studying for the next exam!
  2. I know I'm extremely late with this, but I finally donated. Thanks for all the help on this site!
  3. I passed! Civil-Structural I keep refreshing the page to make sure it doesn't change! I'm going to take a screen shot just in case, haha
  4. Same here on waiting for NY results. I'm already fearing the worst. Can they just put me out of my misery?
  5. NB15

    TX results out!

    I took civil-structural too. It was hard. What was your score, sunny?
  6. NB15

    TX results out!

    That sucks, sunny, and I can understand the feeling.
  7. Thanks to whoever must've fixed it since it looks right on my screen
  8. This mobile version is not awesome, dagnabbit!
  9. If you "know things" then when are Maryland results being released? He doesn't know things - he's trolling all of you...... And then laughing like a little girl when you fall for it......So I take it you're the guy who can't help but yelling out "There's no Santa Claus!" when passing by groups of little children around Christmas?
  10. I took the FE at Pratt. I'm taking Thermal Fluids in NYC at 630 Second at St Vartan's Armenian Church, 630 Second Ave, New York, New York. I'm actually staying at a hotel the night before. Is there a place to leave a small backpack with my cell phone, toothbrush, clothes from the day before etc... I think we'll only find out the day of, unfortunately since it's a new location. Why they have us heading into busy Manhattan with 17 crates of books at morning rush hour is beyond me. I also have no idea how everyone is going to fit into this place. The gymnasium in Pratt was huge. Based on my seat number, there must be at least 200 people taking an exam on Friday. I wonder if they'll split us up into different rooms. I need all the space I can get for all these codes! Damn you AASHTO and your 6-inch binder!
  11. I had such plans of all the practice problems I was going to work this week. I ran out of steam today and started the last stage of tabbing, organizing notes and making sure there aren't any loose papers I forgot in the binder flaps. For all the problems I didn't get to do, I'll just note what the types are and make a separate index with keywords or something tonight and tomorrow. Handwritten index since who owns home printers anymore??? I couldn't borrow the company mega xerox to bring home like I've borrowed all these binders...only because it wouldn't fit in the cab.
  12. I was banking on some long nights this week too, but my brain responded with a hard NOPE! I gave up this afternoon and just started coordinating all my tabs. Gotta save the brainpower for the real deal. Good luck!
  13. That's interesting that NCEES themselves requested the board mini break. Kudos to both the board and NCEES protecting us from ourselves.
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