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  1. Thank you for your responses I can see that making sense. I suppose what got me thinking was that on job listings i've seen, it might say 'must possess PE and BSCE'. I can see them wanting both, but that would limit me it was an absolute requirement
  2. I apologize if this has been asked and I didn't locate. it. In California you can attain an P.E. without a Bachelor Degree. i.e., 6 years of professional level experience and an EIT. I have been doing civil engineering work under a PE for over 10 years and I recently received the EIT. I am working towards taking the Civil PE exam based on professional level experience and references. My question is: In your professional opinions, even if I attain the PE in the future, would a potential employer see that I haven't received a BS and move along, even if i'm licensed? Thank you
  3. Found out I passed Thanks everyone that posted on my question
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses. So although it varies, i've heard/read that about 70% is needed. Is that based on the weighted percentage of the 1-15 scale?
  5. Thanks for posting. It also helps me to see how others did and how close they were. Don't give up
  6. Thanks everyone for your posts And yes I was below average in many areas. Probably and Statistics was obviously the worst. I didnt expect to pass with those results. I just wasnt sure how far off I was. I wish it was a fixed number of questions needed.
  7. Thank you Anyone else care to share their scores?
  8. I am wondering if anyone would post their diagnostic. I took the FE CIVIL CBT and failed. I am studying to pass my next time. But i'm curious about my results. Do i need to get the "average" mark in every field. I had the probably and statistics that was 0/4 passed. Everything else was above or below. Has anyone else gotten higher scores and above average in several areas and still failed? I'm posting my result
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