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  1. Any advise for people that are having a hard time finding SEs to sign for the experience?
  2. Took Survey in June and I think I guessed on a few too many for my comfort, while being confident on only 35-38 questions. The exam wasn't very difficult, but the time rush is wild. I think I selected a number of wrong questions to skip, as in I could have done those within a reasonable time frame. Also, panicking costs me a bit of time for not being able to find an answer to a super familiar problem and towards the end when I had more unanswered questions than expected etc. I don't like how we have to re-draw sketches with CBT now to solve some problems, such an unfair time waster imo. Enough with the complaining though, hope I did enough to pass! Predicting 7/15 for results due to July 4, but hoping for next week! Btw not that it's important, but in the opening post 12/12/2018 is a Wednesday -,- For those who took Survey in June, how do you feel about it and how well do you think you did?
  3. Notes written in pencil is definitely not a problem in California. Depends on your states but applicants without the intent to cheat shouldn't have to worry about this, so that's what I did, not worry about it.
  4. I, for one, don’t see a problem with the way things are. Also, SE is definitely a separate forum on its own with its arguably hardest ever created 16-hour exam.
  5. PE Structural is very very heavy on building and very very light on bridge, I'd think go for Transportation fits your situation better. If you can prove competency for what you're stamping based on experience, I don't see an issue.
  6. I see NCEES's requirements as "conservative", as in it can apply to any state. So find out what your state of interest asks for, and meet that.
  7. Hard no/pass on the god/praying business. To each their own, of course.
  8. What if you're an atheist?
  9. Stardust

    Cut scores

    Agree to disagree, and the feeling is mutual.
  10. Stardust

    Cut scores

    I'm saying you are in no better position to say other predictions are misguided information. No one knows interpolation is even valid, or if it's linear. Also, your data is extremely limited. Anyways, you're entitled to your opinion.
  11. Do you know if people can take the 8-hour PE exam for CA outside of CA?
  12. You’ll get it next time. Keep solving problems! Just wondering what’s the point you’re trying to make with the no resources comment?
  13. Stardust

    Cut scores

    I'd say 50-51 is more misguided than 54-57, though determining cut score is such a pointless effort. What makes your information better than anyone else's?
  14. For me I used a lot of "design" and "making decisions", which worked out
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