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  1. For the US, its stupid leader lets what is happening happen.
  2. I'm trying to think ahead in case COVID-19 gets much worse in the States and starts to affect say the construction industry. I'd like to know how do you think it's gonna affect civil engineers going forward? Anything different happens at your job, aside from working from home? I'd think construction of new projects might be halted and looking for a new job is definitely more difficult now compared to a month ago...
  3. Stardust


    Mine looks the same, I wouldn’t worry about it.
  4. The media is blowing it into proportion, more like.
  5. Stardust


    We will see but gathering of hundreds of people is not a small risk..
  6. Stardust


    Is this the Detroit test site? If so, what would you estimate the number of people that got together there?
  7. In general I get the impression that CA is more prestigious from people.
  8. I never had an issue with TSA (2 checked in bags of books). Pack carefully though, some of my books were slightly damaged (not a big deal). Make sure after checking in you confirm the suitcases will go to your final destination. Losing the suitcases would suck for sure (didn't happened to me), but not in your control, so no point worrying about it.
  9. Timing is important and that ship has sailed. I don't think your boss owes you anything as most engineers that took this test likely still worked a full 40 hours week, including me, and having to study outside of work. Focusing too much on your co workers is not helping you. I wouldn't waste any more energy fighting this. Keep your head down and study hard is my advice. Sorry if my words sound harsh, just being straight up. Good luck!
  10. Horizontal curve and vertical curve are very important topics, you need to master those.
  11. It sucks, but there was a time you had to wait as long as the NCEES 8-hour exam
  12. The 9th edition seems to have a lot more materials, and is up to date with the current codes for April 2020. I was able to find a good deal on eBay but yeah, expensive stuff especially when there's many other expenses to this exam.
  13. STERM = SERM? If not, what is it? i.e., SE Structural Engineering Reference Manual by Alan Williams.
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