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  1. Yeah should be ok with Reza and EET, just keep solving problems. Good luck!
  2. Ok I can't speak to his course as I just self-studied with his book.. I assume the course would be better as you will have him there to explain everything.. Have you checked out CPESR?
  3. The wait was 2 weeks for me, I think that's towards the long end.
  4. I think Reza is still the best single book for Survey, because it covers most of the current exam spec. I did find his book lacking in the details and have supplemented it with other available sources when I passed it. The first time reading thru Reza text also confused the hell outta me, but at the end of the day it's just geometry. If you think his solution is cumbersome/ineffective, find a simpler and easier way to get to the same answer. Do as many problems and as many times as you can to the point that you don't have to think to get thru it, because there won't be time to figure anything out in the exam. So, either you have seen it before and immediately know how to solve it, or find a way to make an educated guess then move on. Regarding practice exams, try to get your hands on PPI, PE Prepared, Mansour, CPESR as well. p.s. No one should abandon their California PE Civil license because of Seismic and Survey (obviously), brush yourself off and just keep giving it your best shot.. They are not super difficult, but you gotta master time management. Maximum effort!
  5. It has never come out on a Friday, ever.
  6. Still just a # online and no nothing else for me.
  7. Not even an attempt to change the year.. wow talking about half ass effort -_-;;;;
  8. It’s been a few years since I took SoPE, but Seismic was decent. Survey on the other hand is likely a lost cause (the instructor kept repeating certain phrases which added no value and drove me insane). I passed Seismic in the second attempt with the Hiner text and highly recommend him if you still can. For Survey I used the Reza text, but needed to add a lot of my own notes to it as I found it’s lacking in the details and some examples are unnecessarily cumbersome. Regarding SoPE pass rate, I’m not sure if they can capture all the results properly (I never answered their message asking about it). To be fair, I spent very little effort studying for Seismic and Survey ‘cause I was taking the 8-hour national exam a week before those 2. With proper preparation, you should be passing with SoPE, but why not just go with the better options out there.
  9. Or it could be within 24 hours 🤔
  10. FYI... Effective January 2020, the California Board for Professional Engineers will begin using the 2019 California Building Code (CBC 2019) and the ASCE 7-16 as the building code and seismic load standard for the CA seismic exam. Good luck, that exam wasn't easy!
  11. hm raises after PE license eh, I wonder what that feels like..
  12. Found out at like 9 PM Eastern via this Board while on the couch and immediately rushed to my laptop.. So I passed Survey this time (not my first rodeo), all done.. I kept dragging this pointless test but it's over Congratz to those who passed and for those who didn't please keep at it, address your weaknesses and build on what you already know.. You'll beat it next time!
  13. I'm taking Vertical for the first time in April 2020.. Great news, thanks!
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