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  1. Requirement to take the SE exam in California
  2. Good call, it’s good news that they just take the average!
  3. From what I can tell no Def is allowed for a pass..
  4. The pool of fail scores on here shouldn’t give you that much confidence of the cut score.
  5. It's from the NCEES PE Examine Guide. To pass the PE exam, candidates must show "minimum level of performance required for entry into the profession."
  6. I passed Oct 18, the green one.. my favorite color has never looking so good 😊
  7. Aight folks let’s hope for today since release was never Friday 🥶
  8. 1. Seismic 2. 40 3. 10 4. 5 5. Pass
  9. Assuming the most likely scenario where they only start working on the results the first of the month, we are at 12.2 days into the month on average based on the opening post. So, a release this week is definitely optimistic.
  10. What's the April 1 holiday, April Fool?
  11. Anything is possible probability wise, but is it likely !!!!
  12. National before state exams is a new thing buddy~
  13. Me prediction: 4/18 Good luck y’all !
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