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  1. Timing is important and that ship has sailed. I don't think your boss owes you anything as most engineers that took this test likely still worked a full 40 hours week, including me, and having to study outside of work. Focusing too much on your co workers is not helping you. I wouldn't waste any more energy fighting this. Keep your head down and study hard is my advice. Sorry if my words sound harsh, just being straight up. Good luck!
  2. Horizontal curve and vertical curve are very important topics, you need to master those.
  3. It sucks, but there was a time you had to wait as long as the NCEES 8-hour exam
  4. The 9th edition seems to have a lot more materials, and is up to date with the current codes for April 2020. I was able to find a good deal on eBay but yeah, expensive stuff especially when there's many other expenses to this exam.
  5. STERM = SERM? If not, what is it? i.e., SE Structural Engineering Reference Manual by Alan Williams.
  6. So who's taking this class? Starting next Sunday! I'm looking thru the materials (my first try) and am at a loss while reviewing the PM stuff. No way I can put together all that work in an hour -_-;;;;
  7. Re-filing is basically instant approval upon the Board receiving it, assuming you fill out the refill form properly and your check does not bounce. Make sure to do it immediately after getting the failed results and you’re good.
  8. A couple things: 1) Take the exams at the end of the month for more studying time and less wait time for results. 2) Don't take it in the last month of the quarter because if you fail you obviously won't re-file in time to take it in the next quarter (have to skip a quarter).
  9. The way I see it, passing the first time or the 10th time shows you are at that same "competent" level. There is no way to prove which person is the "better" engineer at the time of passing. While first time passers have more time to accumulate experience while being licensed, people who took the exam multiple times put in extra time learning the materials.
  10. Yeah should be ok with Reza and EET, just keep solving problems. Good luck!
  11. Ok I can't speak to his course as I just self-studied with his book.. I assume the course would be better as you will have him there to explain everything.. Have you checked out CPESR?
  12. The wait was 2 weeks for me, I think that's towards the long end.
  13. I think Reza is still the best single book for Survey, because it covers most of the current exam spec. I did find his book lacking in the details and have supplemented it with other available sources when I passed it. The first time reading thru Reza text also confused the hell outta me, but at the end of the day it's just geometry. If you think his solution is cumbersome/ineffective, find a simpler and easier way to get to the same answer. Do as many problems and as many times as you can to the point that you don't have to think to get thru it, because there won't be time to figure anything out in the exam. So, either you have seen it before and immediately know how to solve it, or find a way to make an educated guess then move on. Regarding practice exams, try to get your hands on PPI, PE Prepared, Mansour, CPESR as well. p.s. No one should abandon their California PE Civil license because of Seismic and Survey (obviously), brush yourself off and just keep giving it your best shot.. They are not super difficult, but you gotta master time management. Maximum effort!
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