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  1. Me too! Still nothing on PCS though. But I think we should be in the clear now! Congrats everyone! Good luck to those who are taking it again! You'll get it this time!
  2. Passed civil transportation!!! No update on PCS and nothing on State license verification site yet. I'm quite excited but I'm trying to contain myself until I see it on those two sites as well. I can't imagine that they would make the same mistakes as last year, but you never know.
  3. So now this begs the much is a little bit longer?
  4. Got some news from Karen at PCS!!
  5. Nothing today. It's taking everything I have not to email every hour for updates. Trying dance that fine line and not be too annoying.
  6. Will do! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news this week...
  7. Latest update from Karen an PCS:
  8. Unfortunately the HSM isn't free. You get buy a copy from AASHTO ( They have both print and PDF versions available. Unfortunately it is a pretty expensive book. I have found draft versions of the first edition of the HSM free online. Just know that those are pre-release and the information may have changed.
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