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  1. Please contact Abbas at arastand@gmail.com ... Thanks
  2. I am forwarding an email from one of my colleagues which I think might help you. Please contact him directly for any questions you may have.Good Luck. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Colleagues and friends, If you are trying to pass the CA PE exams to obtain your PE license, or if you know someone (whether at the City or with private firms) but have not succeeded yet, this email could be helpful to obtain your CA PE license. I am reaching out to you to establish an exam waiver request (petition) for those of us above the age 40 or 50 (mainly because they will not consider exam waiver to much younger PE candidates). As you know, the State has kept increasing its fees to take the exams (one way or another including the latest electronic finger print fee, etc.) and to be honest for those of us with family or limited income, it is nearly impossible to take the exam(s) every six months, thus prolong passing the exams and obtaining our PE license. In particular, those of us near or over the age 50 have slowdown in speed and find it almost impossible to pass the exams within the allowed time. I have met with the State PE Board several times in order to request granting a waiver of the exams required to obtain the CA PE (I am over the age 50). Per the communications from the State Board, the Board has not said no, but asks for a petition to show the number of CA PE candidates and perhaps consider granting waiver to pass all of the required exams. I know some people at the City or other firms that are trying to take their CA PE, but have not passed either one or all of the exams required. This situation has really caused a hardship (both financially and emotionally). Those above the age 40, or near 50 and/or above 50 would be the ideal candidates that could sign the exam waiver petition to increase our chance to obtain our CA PE license. I am sure there are other options and methods that we could discuss this matter. But for now, please coordinate with all those whom you know in similar situation in order to increase the number of the PE candidates that would like to request the waiver and obtain their CA PE licensure. Thank you for your attention, time, and support. Abbas Rastandeh RastandehA@sandiego.gov
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