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  1. Thanks Any idea when they will? The test will be coming up quick.
  2. anyone hear yet if they are approved to take the exam at the end of October?
  3. I have my Civil license and have submitted an application to take the state LS exam. I just received an email (8/28/19) that it is in technical review. Question 1: Is there a rule of thumb for how long it should take? There is no deadline for the LS application as its continuously filed, so i don't know if I will be able to test this October 29th or not. Question 2: If the application is approved, how "soon" does it need to be approved before October 29 so that I could still schedule the test. I'm wondering if processing the LS application would go quicker than a PE license as there do not seem to be as many test takings for the Surveyors License
  4. Can anyone recommend software for sign calcs. I can do it by hand, and I see several options out there, but i'm looking for feedback from the group. Pole signs or monument signs. Additionally this is for California so it would have to get the latest CA codes. Ideally it can link to or have saved the wind and SDC for a location. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  5. How many times and at what frequency can we take the PS exam on CBT in an year.
  6. Thanks Yeah the ones i see require a license, which I have.
  7. I apologize as this is likely in another forum somewhere. I recently passed all tests in California and received my PE (civil). However, I did this based on work experience (going on 12 years now) and not having a 4 year degree. I have a 2 year degree in Architecture. Many jobs list a 4 year degree as a requirement. In your experience, especially with hiring, is this a 'boilerplate' requirement? Would it be disingenuous to even apply for such a job without the degree and give them the option to not follow up? My rational is that after many years working, we all forget the finer points of our education, and need a refresher if we don't use it day to day. So what is the difference with a degree vs no degree if the license and experience show competency.
  8. abell8418

    CERM 14th Ed

    CERM 14th Edition. Like New. $160
  9. Defintions of surveying and associated terms $35 Civil Surveyign Sample Exams $35 120 Solve Surveying Problems $35 Surveying Principles for Civil Engineers (2nd edit) $40 $130 for All Surveying Books Shipping $5/book (surveying) or $15/all surveying Practive Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam 14th edition $40 (+$10 shipping)
  10. I thought this was with the next go around starting next year. has it always been this way?
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