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  1. I brought AWC SDPWS, too. You might need a few tables from it. I don't remember if I actually use AWC SDPWS during the test, though.
  2. I applied and approved to sit in the exam (CA PE) in 2014. Took the test, did not pass, and applied again in different state, passed this time, and became PE in other state. When I contacted the California board last year to take California state exams, they say that they have my record and I don't have to submit anything but re-examination form (with fee, of course - $150 per each exam). In my understanding, if you are previously approved, the re-examination form is all you need. Just check with the board if they still have your record in their system.
  3. The morning session usually starts on time, but could be 8:04, 8:16, etc. (never before 8:00 am, though) They will give you one hour lunch break, and afternoon test starts usually at 1:30pm or later. Test itself will end exactly 4 hours after, but they need some time to collect the exams, counting, etc before everybody leaves the room, so you will be dismissed around 6pm - 6:30pm.
  4. I was going to suggest the same. You should report to the exam site at 7:15am. I started from home 5:45 or so, FYI.
  5. I drove from Los Angeles to Pomona (30-40 miles) to take EIT exam (before change to CBT) several years ago. Parking should be enough for everybody, but earlier you arrive, the closer you can park. You have to walk some distance from parking lot to exam room, anyway. All I can say is, driving from home in the morning worked OK for me. (And I passed) The only thing is, as far as I remember, traffic was light when I drove to Pomona, probably because it was against traffic AND it was Saturday. You might want to check the traffic at the time/day and to the direction you are going.
  6. I'm just curious- How do you know your score? Texas provides only percentile. 75(%) does not necessarily mean that 60/80.
  7. For this round exam, I took EET Depth (structural) only. For breadth, I studied with School of PE material from last (April) class. EET structural depth class was totally worth it. I mainly studied their lecture notes and practice problems, almost exclusively. EET lectures cover pretty much everything in exam specs. I have to say I am practicing structural engineer and I am "familiar" with codes, etc, already. I just did not have enough time to refresh, organize, and practice to prepare for the exam, and EET did this part for me. On the other hand, School of PE Structural Depth class "outlines" what to study, and covers very limited part in actual lectures/materials. While their lecture is not bad at all, it is simply not enough to prepare for the exam. (And the reason to take Exam Prep classes is to prepare for the exam, right?) You have to find your own way to cover rest of it. (And I did not have time to do that in April.) Speaking of Breadth classes, my guess is any known classes are OK, including School of PE that I took, and maybe EET, too. One last remark for future exam takers. I really, really, really, do NOT like CERM. Yes, it is a "must" have book, I don't dispute, and you may want this book with you in the exam room. As a matter of fact, I looked up this book for a few questions in the morning session, and probably, I got those questions right thanks to this book. But study with it? I tried, tried, and tried, and finally gave up. Class materials are a WAY better way to prepare for the exam (at least for me). Many people in this board mentioned that they studied only CERM for breadth and passed. Definitely it worked for them. Not for me. Please take this as just one man's opinion.
  8. EET, civil structural - pass I took school of PE last spring, and did not pass. Breadth class was good. Depth, no.
  9. I received my first postcard about three weeks ago. It was stamped on Dec. 23rd. My second postcard was stamped on Jan. 14th. Thank you for your reply, yellowtiger. I got approved by CA board yesterday. They asked me to send additional document, otherwise it could have been approved a week or two ago, I think.
  10. When did you receive your first postcard? I got the first post card on Jan. 2nd (stamped on Dec. 29th) but I am still waiting for the approval from CA board. It has been 3 weeks for now. Are they normally taking this long?
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