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  1. Oh my GOSH!!!! I got a score of 97!!! Does that mean I have 77/80 correct?? I have several guessing in AM.. Lucky me!
  2. fishbone

    Texas Results

    I passed CIvil!!! Thanks. So I guess pass does not come with scores??? Anywhere to find the scores??
  3. TX is released. Got email from NCEES at 7:18 AM Central Time. I passed Thank you all for the journey!!! Anywhere to get Scores on PE exam?? Just curious.
  4. All big states did not release results on first day...
  5. The idea TX will be one of the first round release keep me refreshing my email and NCEES..
  6. If they only work two hours on weekday, not expecting working on weekends..
  7. NCEES grading staff. are they even full time employee?? Or spend two hours a day for grading
  8. I mean what is the point of 8-10 weeks??? How many past exams release results between 8-10 weeks??? Most of them release results within 6-7 weeks right??
  9. honestly even the result is out today, NCEES may also reply within 8-10 weeks..
  10. We have thunderstorm this week and some got flooded... But still I am waiting on the results come out.
  11. It happened to me everytime. I waited for the results come out and was too tired to keep up waiting. And one day when I stopped waiting, the result came out..
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