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  1. Good to know! Give it 3 -4 days...
  2. They have just mailed it today......
  3. Source : Ncees.org http://ncees.org/exams/pe-exam/
  4. PE Exam - April 2015 Pass rates: Lowest Pass rate: PE Electrical and Computer: Computer Engineering Highest Pass rate : PE Architectural
  5. Passed. Civil - Geotechnical , 1st time taker, Would recommend these for future test takers, the red ones really helped on this exam. 1. Das: Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering 2. Das: Principles of Foundation Engineering 3. Foundation Analysis and Design ; Joseph Bowles 4. Hsai Feng: Foundation Engineering Handbook 5. Civil Engineering Reference Manual 6. NAVFAC 7. FHWA – GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING CIRCULAR NO. 6 8. 6 Minutes solutions 9. PE Geotechnical Practice Problems by PPI 10. NCEES Sample Exam Thanks EB!
  6. Passed. Civil - Geotechnical, 1st time.
  7. Maryland State Results just released !
  8. Jupiter_PE

    MD Results

    @ rbheadge: I didn't mean the last four days, DLLR rep. said results will be released by end of this week which is Friday (which is four days from now), so I just can't interpret why Maryland is slower than other states to release results.
  9. Jupiter_PE

    MD Results

    I can't imagine pushing an OK button should take 4 days for these people!
  10. Jupiter_PE

    MD Results

    A friend of mine has emailed and were told : Results will be released by end of the week.
  11. Jupiter_PE

    MD Results

    and Twitter page: https://twitter.com/md_dllr
  12. Jupiter_PE

    MD Results

    Here is their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DLLR.Maryland
  13. Can you tell what discipline you were? and your score?
  14. Exactly!!! Blah! Because today is Service Reduction Day!!! I say we all PEACEFULLY protest and ask to have our results released today. Well, they will send national guard to resist you there!
  15. Exactly!!! Blah! Because today is Service Reduction Day!!!
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