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  1. Jupiter_PE

    MD State Released

    Good to know! Give it 3 -4 days...
  2. Jupiter_PE

    MD State Released

    They have just mailed it today......
  3. Jupiter_PE

    April 2015 Pass Rates

    Source : Ncees.org http://ncees.org/exams/pe-exam/
  4. Jupiter_PE

    April 2015 Pass Rates

    PE Exam - April 2015 Pass rates: Lowest Pass rate: PE Electrical and Computer: Computer Engineering Highest Pass rate : PE Architectural
  5. Jupiter_PE

    Club for people who passed April 2015

    Passed. Civil - Geotechnical , 1st time taker, Would recommend these for future test takers, the red ones really helped on this exam. 1. Das: Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering 2. Das: Principles of Foundation Engineering 3. Foundation Analysis and Design ; Joseph Bowles 4. Hsai Feng: Foundation Engineering Handbook 5. Civil Engineering Reference Manual 6. NAVFAC 7. FHWA – GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING CIRCULAR NO. 6 8. 6 Minutes solutions 9. PE Geotechnical Practice Problems by PPI 10. NCEES Sample Exam Thanks EB!
  6. Jupiter_PE

    MD State Released

    Passed. Civil - Geotechnical, 1st time.
  7. Jupiter_PE

    MD State Released

    Maryland State Results just released !
  8. Jupiter_PE

    MD Results

    @ rbheadge: I didn't mean the last four days, DLLR rep. said results will be released by end of this week which is Friday (which is four days from now), so I just can't interpret why Maryland is slower than other states to release results.
  9. Jupiter_PE

    MD Results

    I can't imagine pushing an OK button should take 4 days for these people!
  10. Jupiter_PE

    MD Results

    A friend of mine has emailed and were told : Results will be released by end of the week.
  11. Jupiter_PE

    MD Results

    and Twitter page: https://twitter.com/md_dllr
  12. Jupiter_PE

    MD Results

    Here is their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DLLR.Maryland
  13. Jupiter_PE

    TX results out!

    Can you tell what discipline you were? and your score?
  14. Jupiter_PE

    Results Release Days

    Exactly!!! Blah! Because today is Service Reduction Day!!! I say we all PEACEFULLY protest and ask to have our results released today. Well, they will send national guard to resist you there!
  15. Jupiter_PE

    Results Release Days

    Exactly!!! Blah! Because today is Service Reduction Day!!!