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  1. peskipiksi

    October 2018 Civil Structural PE Exam

    Hi Fissy, I unfortunately did not pass structural PE this October. Got a score of 49/80. I certainly would appreciate any help you can provide that would help me email: bgrules@gmail.com . Thanks a lot (in advance) and congrats!!
  2. peskipiksi

    Illinois Results

    Carrie is the worst!!
  3. peskipiksi

    Illinois Results

    Don't leave us hanging..How much saving are we talking about here?
  4. peskipiksi

    North Carolina results

  5. peskipiksi

    Illinois Results

    I dont think I passed, but that's not stopping me from refreshing continental website. Uggh I hate this.
  6. peskipiksi

    Illinois - Apr 2016 email was @ 3:19 PM

    State of Illinois. Fucking useless.