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  1. MannyEE

    CA Results?

    Today is the day!!!!!!!!!! I hope...
  2. blessedangel85 If it's your first try and you haven't started yet, I recommend you take the Oct 2015 exam. First timers usually need more time because the need to make a new binders, gather materials, references, etc. I'm taking the exam for a 2nd time and I can already see the difference in the time I need. I already have binders, material, knowledge on the type of questions, etc.
  3. I used the NCEES chat, and the lady on there told me the NEC 2014 version will be used!! So...
  4. Failed!!! Electrical-Power!!!
  5. California come on !!!!!!!!!! Also, congrats to all that passed!!!!! Send me some of your "Passing" vibes!!
  6. I was hoping someone would post something like this!!! Thank you VTsteveo!!!!!!!!!!!I feel it!! The website was offline last night too.aaaaahhhh!!!!!!!
  7. My reference material is still in the basket I took into the exam; it's sitting in the middle of my room so it can not only be mentally bothering me, but also physically bothering me.hahaha
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