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  1. Some of us in Oregon knew we passed on the 22nd by checking the OSBEELS website and searching for our license. First letters arrived on the 26th with some of us getting them as a late as the 29th. I know that's not simple to summarize on the map though. Maybe just put a note that OR results varied greatly like last April's map?
  2. Kanen

    Oregon - Results

    Yeah same here my letter was in my mail box by the time I got home from work.
  3. I dig it, but Alaska is too small now. If you were to cut AK in half Texas would be the third largest state so there's no way this map is correct! P.S. thanks for the map, I know a few of us in Oregon got lucky and received an early notice that we passed by checking the OSBEELS PE registration on their website (no official letter in the mail though). I was told today that half the applicants are still being processed so it's not really fair to mark OR as released. Also, my buddy in Utah got the word he passed on Thursday not Friday if that matters to anyone.
  4. Kanen

    Oregon - Results

    I called today as well to confirm my effective date since the website doesn't list it... She told me only half the applications have been processed. So hang in there if you haven't heard anything yet!
  5. Mine has PE at the end of the license so I think we both did! Congratulations!
  6. Oregon Second attempt ME Mechanical systems I'm pretty sure I passed, I can search my name on the OSBEELS website and there is an expiration date.
  7. Kanen

    Oregon - Results

    Looks Like I should eat my own words I just check OSBEELS web site... Searched my name and my record came up which I believe means I passed since my EIT record is in Idaho. I suggest everyone go look right now!
  8. Kanen

    Oregon - Results

    No, I don't have my results but I just wanted to share a bit of my experience from last time. By now most of us know Oregon uses snail mail to release your results. If you’re looking for something to do you can keep refreshing your NCEES account or you can go here: http://www.oregon.gov/Osbeels/Pages/Search_License.aspx and search for your license by typing in your last name. I have heard that OSBEELS has updated their site before letters were sent out but this was not the case last time. You can also check out their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/OSBEELS?fref=ts I think last May they actually announced when they got the results from NCEES and when we could expect our letter. The last bit of information I got in December, when I called to ask about our letters. The lady on the phone mentioned they try to send the failure notices out first so people have to time apply for the next deadline which in this case is June 1st I believe. I don't know if there is some real weight to that but I was one of the first to get my letter last time and I'm still here so take it for what it’s worth... If nothing else it gives you a little bit of hope if it’s taken a really long time for NCEES to send you your letter. Good luck to everyone and please post somewhere if you get your letter – pass or fail.
  9. I heard my friend who took the exam in Utah passed. He got his results yesterday.
  10. Oregon tomorrow? Sadly I wouldn't expect them until next week. It's my understanding that OR sends the failed letters out first so those people have time to register before 6/1/15 deadline. I think that's why the time it took people to get their results varied by so much last year.
  11. took me a while to catch up.
  12. Got my letter today. Any mechanicals from Oregon have any experience with the review course that psu puts on? Looks like I'm going to be signing up for it.
  13. Has anyone ever tried just asking them for results over the phone?
  14. I called them at the end of the day last night, I gave the lady my name (I heard her type it into the computer) then she said my result letter was sent out yesterday (Wednesday). I then asked about the website and she said it should be updated after 4 pm on Friday... For what it's worth.
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