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  1. FWIW, I was referring to both the formal wall certificate, and the legal license (which most states require to be posted at the workplace).
  2. RBHeadge PE

    Predictive Text

    Coffee and coffee are all the same test for the last few days in the past they made people feel better about it for a while
  3. banned for beating that dead horse
  4. RBHeadge PE

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    Continuity of the game is next Thursday or Friday to take the new Hawaiian shirt.
  5. "Should I wear stripes or polka dots on the first date?" Should I wear dots or stripes to the big meeting?
  6. The cleaning crew comes in to clean up the mess. They accidentally clean up the footprints too. There is now a theme park in the pile.
  7. For those still waiting, it's time again for my semi-annual NY License Watch Public Service Announcement: http://nyassembly.gov/mem/search/ https://www.nysenate.gov/find-my-senator
  8. That's what GM screens are for. Turn the die to both aid and hurt the players at the right times for drama. TPKs and near-total-fails can be fun for everyone. But it sounds like it unraveled in like a single round for your party?
  9. I reinvest some of the profits into the tourist attraction. There is now a tourist attraction with accompanying theme park, and $37,420.47 in the pile.
  10. So we went to look for another CD to play, but all we could find was
  11. Banned because I tried to pronounce that weird word.
  12. No worries, you'll grow out of the compulsion to check the website after a couple years. It takes longer to stop glancing at the PE certificate on the wall.
  13. Banned because you forgot the time difference.
  14. @Hook_settr Full disclosure: I don't know much (read: anything) about Iowa or ISU, nor the hiring preferences of Iowa ChemE firms. So I'll try to keep my response general. You should ask the ChemE program at any school you visit about their six month post-graduation employment rate. I sort of doubt that, on a national level, that a degree from one school or the other makes for a more desirable job candidate. They are ranked nationally in undergrad engineering at 43 and 67. I glanced at the list schools ranked near them, and no offense to anyone, but they are basically in the same tier. Chemical Engineers are always in demand, so many employers care more about the candidates skills and knowledge than specifically where the accredited degree is from. Things could be different on the local level though. Hiring managers, regardless of geography or discipline, can occasionally have biases towards one school or another. Again, I can't speak to how Iowa firms do things. But if he doesn't specially plan to stay in Iowa, or the region after school, then it really won't matter. Some things that could affect employment would be if the undergraduate program has a co-op or internship program; which are usually feeders for employers. If co-ops are important to him, and one of those schools has a "monopoly" on potential internships, then you may want to consider that school. However most engineers easily find a job after graduation with or without an internship. tl;dr Go to the school that's a better personal fit for him.
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