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  1. My condo building requires a licensed and bonded plumber to do any sort of plumbing work, including the super simple and easy stuff. The building literally won't shut off the water to the unit to allow any work to be done unless they have the have all of the paperwork on file. And the plumbers know it too, so simple jobs that take under a minute to perform are disproportionately expensive. Do people actually fall for that?!
  2. I wasn't able to watch it. 13-0? TD and two FGs, or 2TDs with missed PAT? sarcasm aside, I presume one of the tiebreakers in the early rounds in goals scored?
  3. That went dark and depressing pretty fast.
  4. RBHeadge PE

    Predictive Text

    So I think it was a good idea to have a lot of people talking about my ford.
  5. Banned for turning yourself in, twice, in the take penny/leave penny thread
  6. Half-naked Florida Man walks goat in the rain
  7. Finally watched the fifth episode yesterday. The last episode felt different than the rest of the series, but it's hard to put my finger on why. They added some historic moral balance to Jared Harris' character; whereas Stellan Skarsgard's character came out looking better. The power plant managers looked even more cartoonishly evil and incompetent. I really like their decision to wait until the trial episode to explain the events leading up to the accident. The series wouldn't have worked remotely as well if they kept everything in chronological order. I was also a fan of them using red and blue cards to describe what was going on in the reactor. Total gross oversimplification, but it worked well. I'm curious if it was well understood by the general audience. Was Harris' monologue about lies in the original trial? That felt tacked on add emphasis to theme of the series? I also wonder if he really did explicitly site the frugality and stupidity endemic in the USSR. It was well known, but no one was dumb enough to rant about it on the record. ...then again, as the KGB agent implied at the end: if you know that you are going to die of cancer soon, might as well speak the truth and go for the quicker and painless route.
  8. @ChebyshevII_PE is released after serving his time. There is now a “damn you autocorrect” meme and a fully-functional TV in the pile.
  9. I screenshot this thread and add it to the pile. There is now a "damn you autocorrect" meme, an “incarcerated” @ChebyshevII_PE and a fully-functional TV in the pile.
  10. Ouch. I read that the PA DoS was thinking of bringing back the wall certificates or making some option available for disciplined professionals to purchase one through a third party. For those that care, It might be time to contact the PA branch of NSPE or lobby the PA DoS directly.
  11. He wanted to go see where they filmed the Mad max movies, he was really surprised when he got there and
  12. I bring @ChebyshevII_PE his daily rations. There is now an incarnated @ChebyshevII_PE, 9 servings of prison-loaf and ($401.75) in the pile.
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