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  1. RBHeadge PE

    Predictive Text

    Opportunity to make a decision soon enough to the extent of the day to day of the game theory.
  2. Banned because you need to keep up.
  3. Banned for getting things on topic.
  4. RBHeadge PE

    EB Mafia

    We only have six so far for this week. We'd need a few more to be viable. Anyone have any suggestions? We could always try again for next week.
  5. Banned for saying yes.
  6. Banned because that game naturally spills over into the other threads.
  7. RBHeadge PE

    EB Mafia

    Down, as in not playing? Or down, as in write you down?
  8. RBHeadge PE

    EB Mafia

    EB Mafia V: The Battle for Mafeyette / Mordstadt / Okishima I'm going to moderate this round. Who's in? @tj_PE @NikR @ChebyshevII_PE @ChaosMuppetPE @vhab49_PE @chart94 @ptatohed @JayKay0914 @Roarbark
  9. RBHeadge PE

    EB Mafia

    Calm down Arya.
  10. RBHeadge PE

    EB Mafia

    who was the cop?
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