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  1. Wait, have you start trolling yet? And for that matter has anyone really started trolling yet this session? I don't consider anything in the spam thread stuff as trolling. It's spam. "Survey" peaked last session. But yeah those noob posts are annoying. Even when I gave the honest and truthful answer one person still thought it needed more explanation. AFAIC that warranted a /s post
  2. I've heard that NCEES releases CBTs results on Wednesdays. But the sample size of people reporting is small.
  3. TOTMI is that the non-existence of ROUS' is inconceivable!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN9CjAfo5n0
  5. ikr. my sleep schedule is so f$%^d right now.
  6. Yeah, those are occasionally nice. But i qas mostly thinking that private companies with a surplus workforce tend to lay people off quickly.
  7. It's sorta better than the alternative
  8. The first cuts its shorter on the sides. The second does not.
  9. Depends are you going for an Eastern Washington look, Northwest Oregon look, or engineer look?
  10. Nah, I'm already here. What I needed was more sleep, I'll catch up tonight I guess. Plus there's some time sensitive stuff I that I need to get done quickly. I'm ahead of schedule and should get that done before I leave today.
  11. Drove from Miami to DC in one go Sunday into Monday. No sleep. Was an hour ahead of schedule, then Virginia happened. Virginia I-95 is gonna be Virginia traffic regardless of time of day. Ended up getting home 1.5hr late. paying for it today in the office.
  12. I should've called in "sick" today
  13. first day back in the office in two weeks spam
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