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  1. October 2017 15K, or get Matt267 PE banned, SPAM thread

    A week from thanksgiving and we're only on page 103? The test results won't be out until January.
  2. Feel good about how you did on the exam?

    Would that be a lottery a la powerball? or Shirley Jackson?
  3. December 8th release date

    January 9th in Pennsylvania.
  4. October 2017 examinee survey

    In years past the survey expires well before the results are released.
  5. Feel good about how you did on the exam?

    Which State? Some states pre-load the test takers names into the database once the candidate is approved to sit for the test. The states that pre-load will update the status to "licensed" or "active" or whatever. But only after they are notified by NCEES and they do whatever they need to do according to their laws and regs to make it official. It's still way too early for that. This is the firs case I've heard (this early) of someone finding their name in the database as pending. But you shouldn't think of this as a good sign or bad sign. Most people don't start looking until around the time people expect their results to be released. My guess is that if you vary the license number up or down a few spots you see others as pending. The ones listed as active are probably other engineers from out of state who were licensed under comity or reciprocity. If one ultimately does not pass, they are still listed as "pending" in the license look-up. To answer your last question: Yes, you are making the post-test anxiety worse for yourself. Go join the spam thread, or better yet burn off the stress as the gym. I personally used this the post-test stress and wait as an opportunity to get in shape.
  6. Feel good about how you did on the exam?

    Awww man, we're looking at mid-January now. They may have to invalidate an entire discipline's results.
  7. Feel good about how you did on the exam?

    Fitbits again?
  8. Feel good about how you did on the exam?

    We never tease.
  9. October 2017 examinee survey

    Has anyone else heard that NCEES deducts points from those takers who don't fill out the survey within 96 hours?
  10. October 2017 examinee survey

    I'm not sure that there's EVER been a recent test-taker in the history of EB who's used the search page to find an answer to their question. Especially about the post-test survey.
  11. $10 pencil is gonna be black....

    The new pencil color scheme is breaking my brain.
  12. Tips for Maryland Test Takers

    Oh, and good luck on Friday to all test takers!
  13. Tips for Maryland Test Takers

    Definitely leave all jewelry and unapproved electronics at home or in the car. If in doubt, follow the more restrictive instructions. The Maryland rules are usually way more restrictive. In years past, the proctors always had an amnesty period before the test where test takers could turn in their forbidden items. These items could be collected by the test takers after the test was complete. My guess is they'll do it again this session, but why risk it. Plus it delays when the test actually starts for everyone.
  14. Actual test times?

    The only set times are the show up time, the four hours in the morning and the four hours in the afternoon. The return time from lunch is variable, and you shouldn't be surprised if it ends up being later than the time they gave you; perhaps because a proctor was late getting back. I'd recommend packing a lunch and eating on site. The test is supposed to be over around 5. But unless you leave early you shouldn't count on it actually being 5:00. 6:00 or later isn't unheard of, and it may take longer just to get out of the parking lot due to the rush of everyone trying to leave at the same time during rush hour.