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  1. Some state have additional prohibitions that go beyond NCEES rules. *cough* Maryland *cough*
  2. I teleworked the workweek before exam day. Three layers of management wanted me to study during official time as part of an approved professional development program. It really helped me do the last bits of studying and get into a good mindset for the exam. I still did the minimum amount of normal work to "keep the lights on" through Monday. I did more normal work that Thursday than I did the other days and, in retrospect, it was a useful distraction from studying too hard. As mentioned above: I hit peak preparedness on Wednesday; Thursday was better spent getting in the right mindset. I'd recommend taking the day off if your boss isn't as accommodating though.
  3. shoved it into the electrical outlet. And that's how my brother got the nikname...
  4. What a mess. Some may get bounced immediately. Others might leave through attrition when they can't keep their grades up.
  5. You don't want to be dead on the inside pre-exam. There's no path to success from there.
  6. Banned for delivering a sick burn.
  7. So we were going to need to "borrow" some tools to break her out of jail, again. Since we were already in the hardware store we grabbed a ladder,...
  8. for the fuzz to move past us. Once their backs were turned I ran inside the store to warn my father and brother that
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