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  1. Show of hands, who's setting an alarm on their phones for 3:01 AM pacific?
  2. The commute to the test is easier and you'll definitely be first in the country to know your results. Wait, you mean we're not god's gift to this planet? /s
  3. Is goal to see if they're populating the database with recent exam passers? Or to see if you're licensed? If the former, you should look at the addresses of the recent licensees. Out-of-state is usually license by comity. A bunch in-state are exam passers. If the latter, forgo the above exercise altogether and just search for your own name. 😁
  4. I can't tell if it's Monday or Thursday... feels like a Monday
  5. I want a starbucks frap. There is a foundation, 3 construction workers, and -$1.75 in the pile
  6. I've heard that too. I have no idea if its correct. But if you've got a a minute left and a couple questions left to fill, it can't be any worse than just randomly picking 'C'.
  7. True. And it's not just actual recruiting service, FIS's do the same thing posing as recruiters.
  8. He was looking for any excuse to get away from Westeros without losing face.
  9. It's going to take a while to get used to. I spent most of the 2017 waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  10. What @amk78 said, plus ask California if you have to physically take the test in California, or if you can physically sit for the exam in another location. It's my understanding that some states don't require you to actually physically take the test in their state.
  11. Banned because attitude won't unlock the spam thread... well actually it might...
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