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  1. RBHeadge PE

    Possible to request passing score from NCEES?

    Yep retest, and just to get a scaled score.
  2. RBHeadge PE

    Possible to request passing score from NCEES?

    You can ask, but the answer will be "no". NCEES doesn't report the scores of those who pass to the examinees. Texas provides a scaled score to all examinees irrespective of pass or fail. In the scheme of things it doesn't matter if you got a perfect score or just passing. You get the same two letters after your name either way.
  3. RBHeadge PE

    Pe 2018

    Yes, you can ask and pay for a manual scoring. But be warned that no one has ever had a manual scoring change a result from a fail to a pass. I'd recommend saving your money and studying for the next exam.
  4. RBHeadge PE

    States that haven't released yet?

    End of week status update. By my count we are still waiting on the following states: Massachusetts (some results available through back channels) Vermont Rhode Island South Dakota New Mexico Hawai'i I know we have representation from everywhere but South Dakota. Anyone lurking from SD?
  5. RBHeadge PE

    States that haven't released yet?

    Aww man, I'm so sorry to read that. Don't give up hope and try again when you are ready. On the plus side: congratulations again on becoming a father!
  6. RBHeadge PE

    Adding Credentials

    I've never did anything via the NCESS record so I can't comment on how easily states may accept the work experience record and PE supervisor. Someone else may be able to elaborate there. Some states require you to work under a (licensed) PE for the experience to count. Some don't. I think there are usually exceptions to those rules. For instance, many states will ask you to submit sample(s) of your work IFF you didn't work under a PE. This can make things more complicated and add processing time. Especially if the work was classified or controlled information - but the boards understand that too and there are workarounds.
  7. RBHeadge PE

    Washington D.C. Results!

    I'm so sorry to read that. Like I said earlier, don't give up hope. There is another opportunity in October.
  8. RBHeadge PE

    April 2018 Results Map

    Nope, I got it right the first time. 😎 Noted, I made the change.
  9. RBHeadge PE


    Congratulations! And speaking as a GT alum "To Hell with Georgia!"
  10. RBHeadge PE

    State License Roster / Lookup

    The hard part is over though. Ethics test sounds easy enough.
  11. RBHeadge PE

    States that haven't released yet?

    Hey cool we do have representation from RI! @matt267 PE Try to enjoy your weekend and I hope you hear good news next week!
  12. RBHeadge PE

    MN Results are Out!

    Congratulations! Thanks for putting up with our trolling the last few weeks, I hope you stick around!
  13. RBHeadge PE

    April 2018 Results Map

    End of 5/25 update. Added Minnesota, New Jersey, Georgia (home of the best engineering school: Georgia Tech). I've included NJ because a good chunk of people could see if they passed on the state website. I changed the color for the day. I was going to make it gold since Georgia came out today (for GT) but I made it purple instead because I trolled some Vikings fans earlier - and they deserve a break this year.
  14. RBHeadge PE

    April 2018 Results Map

    I'm going to be offsite for a few hours. If any state makes it official, please post it here with the time. I'll update the map when I get back.
  15. RBHeadge PE

    Forida is out

    Congratulations to everyone from Forida's who passed!