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  1. She said death, not cancer.
  2. So an important one. Does it hurt to walk or pivot?
  3. Oct 2014 was abnormally long, 52 days. The cut score meeting for the Petroleum Engineers was scheduled pretty late in the process and that delayed it for everyone. At least most of the results came in a during the first four days after initial release. One of the dakotas mailed out the results and they arrived on Christmas Eve. So some people had a great Christmas, others, not so much. Pennsylvania sort of released on Day 1, in that 10% learned something that day and the rest didn't. Some Pa results would leak out for a few days, before the board put a lock on everything. They accidentally issued licenses to people that failed, then recalled the errant licenses. It was a total mess. It wasn't until day 86 that they finally correctly released it to everyone. The extra wait was brutal. Rumors were flying, fake results threads were rampant, and some of the trolling was so cruel that the threads got deleted. It was hard to stay sane that month.
  4. April 2019 wasn't bad until like 3 days before results. It's be tough, and scary, to be as bad as Oct 2018 though. But who knows, especially if this session sees results delayed as much as they were in Oct 14.
  5. We established that fact a couple weeks ago. Mostly agree. The lizard part of the brain definitely takes over come Phase 5. It'll be endemic around December 3/4.
  6. My guess? based on stuff overheard at local NSPE meetings, 0<n<10
  7. I sort of tried to do that with the opening post in this thread. BTW in three weeks, I'm totally gonna pile-on and troll anyone who believes that BS about registering for the next exam=fail.
  8. Well, no-one reads the stickied threads (or the rules). If people did, then people wouldn't get their scores invalidated every session for discussing specific exam questions on these forums, every six months. Similarly, no one uses the search function; nor look through old threads. It's easier for me to recreated this thread, which has most of the FAQs, every six months as a means of focusing all of the questions and vents into one place. Ditto me having to put up a legal warning about when to add PE after your name, just after the results come out.
  9. @Zach Stone, P.E. Would probably be pretty boring. I feel like they're just another generic American office. Here's some desks; over there are the filing cabinets; the scantrons are in this warehouse to your left; that the copier over there - We call him Bob Marley 'cause he always be jammin'; this the kitchen, and finally the conference room. Do you need us to validate your parking?
  10. Short answer, it's basically the PE committee of the respective engineering society.
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