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  1. Yes I am considering it- civil is the discipline- I got 10 yrs of contacts- I can be a DBE/WBE Firm, but do not have the staff to manage the size of a project that comes with DBE/WBE paperwork. I plan to continue on my current pace for at least a few yrs, then make the move. BUT I may have new opportunity at my current employer when I am ready to bounce, so I got to hang around and see what unfolds there too. But yes, on the side- 'non-compete' work is a sure thing. We all have specialty skills that can be marketable.
  2. Dirt Girl

    Pay Raise?

    I got nada- nein- nothing- except "we are so proud of you!!!" and they are using my newly minted PE as marketing, gave me a new title on papers for marketing only- but really I got it good- I've been in bad situations before- and although I started with this company at 7% less than my previous company 1.5 yrs ago, I have a great job. And as long as my job duties do not dramatically change, I'm happy. I live in a very rural area, and job openings are very hard to come by, so I better get happy wit it. On a side note- I got my license in a state where my previous employer was going to relocate me to because the office in a neighboring state where I was working was going to close (bad economy they said, I suspect the issue is deeper as I've watched 2 of their offices close). Then they opted to not let me move to the other state- instead I lost my job- after I had applied for the PE in the neighboring state. I had a recommendation letter get lost- (who was an employee of said firm) which delayed further my application and I missed the exam deadline to take it when I was eligible. So here I am in the same state, with a new out-of-state license, and my company will not give anything until I have the license in my current state. So more paperwork is coming....but then I will get between a 5 and 10%, and after 2 yrs, I get a small %age (35% or so) of my expenses back from the PE books exam fee etc. But again, my job duties are easy, and I have little to no pressure- I work hard when I need to, get it done and move to something else, so my life is simple when work loads slack up. I was told when I was hired to not worry about being billable- 'that was my boss' job'- but I am concerned as I know how billable works. Not too worried, but bummed I didn't get part of the raise now and part when I am licensed in my state. I tried to barter, but failed miserably. I might get new business cards though yippie!! (doing a little dance while tossing my cards in the air like a zillionaire tossing one dollar bills)
  3. Dirt Girl

    Pay Raise?

    Be careful when interviewing to not let too much disgust with your current employer spill out in the interview-I'm sure you are just venting here- that's why we are here right?!
  4. For the new geotech female PE- a frame for the new license.....and airfare and spending money to some remote hideaway island with bare chested men serving drinks with little umbrellas.... and they must be digging a ditch too- We like to see dirt.
  5. I'm now a PE! Yay! and by the way my post above was hacked with links and other words I didn't enter.....
  6. I just called the VA board- they got pass fail results from NCEES and in order to release license numbers they have to have a number score to enter in to their software that issues the licenses. They hope to complete the score entry this week. We should have licenses soon.! I was worried they lost my ethics exam....but they got it on file! (I had a different state board loose my transcript before, so I lack confidence in at least one other state board, and hoped loosing paperwork was not an epidemic) Evidently VA has it together...YAY Commonwealth of VA!
  7. Congratulations new PE's! poosri you can do it in April! Dig in, study and get er done....
  8. Passeedddd Civil Construction Virginia!
  9. I just got an email saying results are ready
  10. I was wondering the same thing earlier....
  11. This is awesome to read. Congrats to you Rudy, you must be feeling on top of the world today! Hopefully you inspire some other folks who aren't quite there yet to keep up the good fight and try again. Thank you, sir. I am feeling very humble and thankful right now.. it's a bit overwhelming. It was a 'large' dragon that I had to slay, Dubbs :-) Congratulations!!! By refusing to quit, you are a role model. Enjoy your success! That is awesome! I hope my hard work after 10 yrs of Eng School pays off to a shiny PE too! If I fail, be guaranteed I will reread Rudy's post....Very nice of you to mention God too....I prayed this AM for us all to be calm (as can be) and for Him/her (GOD) to give our boards & NCEES calm while dealing with us crazy engineers!
  12. This is giving me a very long work day.... and long sleepless nights- woke up at 1:33 AM and didn't sleep much after that....
  13. DMVEnggirl is right....Yes you can do it! Just give a day or two break and then start the study marathon again, and kick its butt in April....
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