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  1. I think there were 3 questions about pumping/piping out of 80... I would say that the biggest points of emphasis were 1) Fire dynamics (growth, spread, etc.) 2) egress 3)alternative systems such as clean agents, and 4) hazard classification. Had to use NFPA 101 and 13 the most, mixed with a dose of 2001. and the NFPA and SFPE handbooks.
  2. I wouldn't bother with getting an FPE degree. I don't have one... I studied a lot for the FP test, and knew my reference materials really well. Not worth the $$$ for another degree though... unless you like spending your money unnecessarily.
  3. I've taken and passed both the Mechanical HVAC and Fire Protection exams. Very different tests. FP is not breadth and depth. just depth. 8 hrs of it. I'm licensed in CO. I currently do HVAC, plumbing, fueling, lubrication, and fire protection engineering. Mostly for Federal projects. What kind of questions do you have about FP? I might be able to help... FYI - I had to take both exams. Since we do federal work - not exclusively, but close - and most federal projects require that the F/FA/FP/LS sheets be signed by a licensed FPE "by passing the NCEES exam in Fire Protection" - our firm needed an FPE. We have been outsourcing the FP portion of most of our projects and it's been a majory budget killer. My degree is in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Everything I learned about FP I taught myself. So, the exam was killer. I took it (and failed) in 2013, took it again in 2014 and passed. Let me know your questions and I'll do my best to answer...
  4. I've been checking it daily... it was updated this morning, but only 2 people were added... not the massive influx that will surely happen soon!
  5. PASS!!! Colorado Fire Protection second try... wish I knew my actual score...
  6. It's a scantron... I understand a week or so for the analysis and cut score magic... and then another week for the logistics of gathering all of the exams from across the country. MAYBE - and this is a stretch - MAYBE another week to distribute the scores appropriately - 4 weeks MAX. Anything more is absurd. In my book they are 2 weeks late already. But, I guess we're kinda at their mercy for now.
  7. so you're saying there's a chance...
  8. 146, 30, 113, 3. most i've seen on here... and we all have no idea what's going on. I sure do like pizza. early lunch!
  9. good catch. I guess I'll try to rest the refreshing for a while...
  10. Look on Page 15 of the December 2014 Licensure exchange on NCEES website... there is a meeting scheduled for Dec 8-9 in Houston for determining the PE Petroleum cut score... and since they release all the PE results at once, I would assume that means that the scores won't be released until after they hash that out... rest your F5 keys people. They won't help you any more.
  11. i have it on good authority that is Jim Harbaugh scouting for a new quarterback. well... I might be available for that job if the results don't come back as a "pass"
  12. up to 129 users... 25 members, 103 guests, and that extremely suspicious anonymous user...
  13. Did anybody try calling TBPE about the status of the results..Just checking.. I'm planning on calling them early afternoon.. That sounds like a good way to waste time...
  14. I'm in the same boat as dsk. I took the HVAC exam in April 2013 and passed. Then I signed up for the FP exam for October. I took the SFPE review course, and had all the materials, and they were TERRIBLE. Every day while studying i found multiple errors and typos. Pathetic. I agree... don't take it if you don't have to. I failed the exam in 2013. Retook it in Oct 2014... impatiently waiting for the results. Unfortunately, the SFPE materials are THE ONLY materials available.
  15. The wait is killing me!!!!! I took the FP test - and it's only offered once a year! I don't want to wait another whole year...
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