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  1. Where were you when you got the exam results

    I had just sat down for an electrical department meeting.
  2. Post here if you passed

    Passed! Electrical and Computer PE! Washington State.
  3. Top 1000 Reasons it takes NCEES so long

    ... for real. It's down as of 7:22 PM Pacific.
  4. Top 1000 Reasons it takes NCEES so long

    NCEES website is down...
  5. Top 1000 Reasons it takes NCEES so long

    Q 81: NCEES takes so long to release test results because: ( ) A. they like "the old fashioned way" of scoring things by hand ( ) B. they are entertained by the thought of stressed out engineers-in-training ( ) C. the Honda Civic that the proctor had the exams in was stolen ( ) D. EB secretly contracted with them to increase EB's advertising revenue!
  6. Top 1000 Reasons it takes NCEES so long

    NCEES itself is comprised of recent exam-takers who are too busy hitting the F5 button to find out their results!
  7. Results Delayed this year

    I'm optimistic. Registering for April before the results come out seems like an overly pessimistic thing to do. Studying, however... is never detrimental. If nothing else, studying what you think you missed only increases knowledge.
  8. Results Delayed this year

    So long as the cut score is at least one problem less than I got correct, it's alright by me.
  9. Hello from Washington State

    Nah, I just put bollards around pad-mounted transformers
  10. 39... I mean... 40 days

    So, is the last word that it will be sometime after the 9th?
  11. Hello from Washington State

    Hello Engineers and Future Engineers, My name is David. Kind of went a different career route. Don't have a degree. Went through an apprenticeship with the Navy / DOD as a power plant dispatcher and substation electrician. Went to work as a NETA and NICET certified acceptance testing technician (relays, transformers, switchgear etc...). Been designing and doing studies under a PE for about 10 years now. All in all, I've been in the electrical industry going on 30 years now. Studied my butt off for the last 13 months or so. Took the FE exam in May of this year (2014). This was the third time (first two several years ago under the old paper format). Passed it - I'll just assume I got 100% correct, not that it matters. Took the PE in October. Feel like I did pretty well. I was getting around 92-96% correct on the practice exams for the PE by the time I finished studying. Looking forward to getting that "PASSED" notice very soon! Enjoying the forums. Thanks for putting together a good site.
  12. Top 1000 Reasons it takes NCEES so long

    I got every single problem incorrect - they are too busy laughing their @sses off!
  13. 39... I mean... 40 days

    Don't be like salt-n-pepper. Don't push it. Don't push it real good. Let NCEES just do their job. Go decorate a tree, do some shopping, or go to work. It's all my fault anyways; they're too busy making fun of my ultra low, zero percent correct score.
  14. 39... I mean... 40 days

    Let's all go celebrate as though we received "PASSED" notices today. You might not feel like celebrating tomorrow.
  15. Top 1000 Reasons it takes NCEES so long

    8.13E2 Unfortunate Viagra incident causing the guy who uploads the results to have an extended stay at the hospital.