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  1. no it was actually followed with a valid question.... It was just the opener and it amused me.
  2. Keisha MoonHello Alan. How may I help you? AlanI PASSED THE PE!!!
  3. Maryland Water Resources First Time Was 80% sure I failed!!! Thanking God!!!!
  4. I called the board and was told the board gave the OK to release them yesterday for this morning and they don't know why they have not yet been released!
  5. Gosh I hope its lower than 55!!! That test was HARD!!! ALL Wastewater/Environmental questions which I wasn't expecting!!!!
  6. I'm in MD and haven't gotten it yet but I'm fairly certain I scored around a 52-54....
  7. at least a hundred passers have popsted and only 3 failures lol. guess people don't like to admit their failure!
  8. The PE Secretary left for the day....
  9. it HAAAAAAS to be soon!!!! I am REALLY hoping it is today!
  10. Kim M.Hello J. How may I help you? JHave the results of the PE Exam been released to the state boards yet? Kim M.No they have not
  11. Results Here HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!
  12. Pretty much. The only plausible (to me) rumor is that the Petro exam meeting is meant to establish the cut score for this exam, so the results won't be released until that's finalized. Whether that happens this afternoon, or later this week, or sometime next week would be pure speculation. Thank you FSUenginerd. That is exactly what I was assuming and was just hoping someone else would say it!
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