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  1. SCPE, I think you would have seen more response to this exam prep type question if you had posted in this forum. It does seem some info is missing. What is the answer and do you have the solution? I dont the answer. Its supposed to be one of the 4 options but as others stated, it seems like its missing info.
  2. This was from a practice test. So I am not crazy after all.
  3. Guys - I posted this two years ago and have yet to find an answer. Anyone want to take a shot?
  4. A 10 ft diameter pump station has a 15 minute fill time. If maximum of 3 pump starts per hour is desired, what is the minimum distance between the pump on and pump off elevations? A. 1.6 ft B. 2.6 ft C. 3.6 ft D. 4.6 ft You need the pumping rate correct to solve??? They dont give you enough info!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. SCPE

    Career Blues

    You are not in a bad situation. Is pay good? Yes Are the hours flexible? Yes Does your boss micromanage? No We all get bored. Sometime we engineers go all our career looking for good paying jobs without overbearing bosses and flexible hours. This is what you do... Find an engineering discipline you enjoy (water resources, wastewater, etc.) Cultivate that while you continue to do land development. Eventually you will become good enough at the new discipline to become the leader in your small office for that discipline. Start winning jobs and you'll be set! Your existing boss should love the fact that you are trying to broaden your horizons and opening more job oppurtunities for the firm. Find a discipline you are interested in.
  6. Anybody heard from South Carolina yet? Should be soon.
  7. Boy you and I think alike.... I think if you are fresh out of school then gov't is a good place to get your feet wet, screw up, ect. ect.. Most would admit you can easily go from consultant to gov't but it is sometimes not so easy to go gov't to private industry. Then comes the question, "Is the gov't permanent?" Of course this answer is no unless you can stay 25 years. Then you ask yourself from a consultanting standpoint "5 years down the road career wise, will I have been better off in private industry making contacts and adding feathers to the cap or working for the gov't in a specialized enviroment / situation?" Who would you hire if you were the manager of an engineering firm and had the option to hire a consultant or a gov't employee?
  8. I'll chime in here. I think the longer you stay in state gov't the harder it will be to transfer into to private industry. If you work as a consultant and go gov't its kinda like throwing away everything you have worked for away. Being a consultant is all about the "feathers in the cap". You will never get the respect from peers in gov't work. If you go gov't, plan on staying a while.
  9. Do you enjoy where you are at? I think 20% is ambitous. Hell, I would be estatic with 10% You may have taken on more responsibility but you have only been there 11 months. Dont fret, the money will come. With the senior folks leaving, you are in a good position. Dont rush, the money will come. I am not saying you dont deserve it, just firms like to see an established track record before they start rewarding you handsomely.
  10. April is the easier test but NCEES wont admit it....
  11. Amen! Sounds like you have your head in the right place!
  12. Sorry to hear that. I am sure you are pretty bummed right now. But as mama always told me "There is one thing you cant stop, and that's time." In other words, Apirl 20, 2007 is 106 days away, and that day will come, which is your oppurtunity to make today's discovery water under the bridge. Hang in there!
  13. Did you pass? Only 67 licenses issued for October 2006. That is not much.
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