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  1. Passed SE vertical and lateral first time - Ohio
  2. From my experience school of pe is great I took both lateral and vertical exam courses ( I did study on my own a lot) but it definitely helped me.... I'm a telecom guy 28 years old but was able to pass both mine first time so I highly recommend school of pe. I think at the very least school of pe prepares you very well for the morning sections! Very good instructors only course I took though so I can't compare to others.
  3. I also brought that even as a building guy. I agree good reference!
  4. bass.... i work in telecom so there was a lot of foreign material to me.... I took the school of pe courses which helped a lot they do start from ground zero... Also i found a few additional resources very helpful. The SEAOC seismic design books were very helpful for me for the lateral exams. Also the AISC Design examples that are free to download was very good for steel and PCA notes for ACI 318-11 was extremely helpful.... Send me a message i can get you links for some of these the design examples for both steel and concrete are free.... the seismic books were about $200 and some change for the set. I did take the buildings though so not sure if it will be a full help for you. And thanks again to everyone on the boards who helped with information and experiences it is greatly appreciated!
  5. Haha.... It just baffles me that this could happen!
  6. I called got the same response. I dont know about the 24th they told me they will be released as soon as they can. I doubt it will be that long but i've been wrong with everything i guessed so far.
  7. So they posted the pass rates but ohio can't release their results? lovely haha
  8. I was Cleveland area bass and we had 3 vertical on Friday and 3 lateral Saturday (all building)
  9. how many were at the loc you took it bass? we had 3 friday .... 3 saturday
  10. No Ohio here have a feeling tomorrow at this point....
  11. Any chance you can track SE results also once they start getting released? .... most likely will begin next week
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