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  1. I see that they have a new one listed, copyright November 2016. Anyone have both and compare?
  3. caley89

    CA Results?

    my work has a laminator
  4. caley89

    CA Results?

    I have both. Got the pocket card this week and the certificate on Monday.
  5. Does that make me a trend setter?
  6. no viking helmet in the picture so i got confused.
  7. Only one request...everyone else must be "working".
  8. My last name is Kallerud. Let's see how many people add me before I delete this post.
  9. ppi is selling MERM13 on Amazon for $205 + $3.99 shipping. Amazon's price is a lot higher.
  10. I think because infrastructure is so critical to public health and safety (water/wastewater plants, bridges, buildings), we really want to make sure they get done right and that not just anyone is going out and designing these things. The infrastructure I mentioned is an order of magnitude more critical to public health and safety than anything else I can think of that another discipline would be designing. Just based on how many people infrastructure affects.
  11. I got my dream job by adding someone on LinkedIn that I met at a networking event. They weren't hiring but he messaged me on LinkedIn later when they were hiring and I got an interview and a job. All because I added him on LinkedIn after I met him.
  12. No recruiters, then? BTW I see you're in Bay Area, did you go to school up there too? Davis
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