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  1. Wait... let me get this straight. They kicked people out who wore fitbits? Not even allowing them to remove it and continue the test? I'd be THOROUGHLY pissed after all that studying.
  2. Hey All, I passed last April and I received the survey email. I think they are polling everyone who took those exams as they may be looking to change the exam.
  3. Many thanks. Enjoy for me folks!
  4. .... Just jumping in for a sec to ask a favor. Please let me know when DLLR sends any info your way. Need to be sure I tell my mom to look out for important mail so she can send it my way. Thank you.
  5. Received my license on Saturday. Very impressed with DLLR.
  6. Which exam did you take? I did SOPE env and thought it was well worth the money. Some instructors were stronger than others but it helped me to narrow the scope of such a broad exam.
  7. That was very well done Havoc. I'll add my advice after I finish this move overseas. My mind is all over the place. *Future Post*
  8. Are all the states in?
  9. Quick turn around. Just searched my name and I'm official.
  10. Blue 8

    PA Results?

    Yay!!!! Congrats folks!
  11. Blue 8

    PA Results?

    So cute! Hold on to hope y'all.
  12. Yup. I got mine and already paid the $76 for the license.
  13. Did you peruse the pictures? Those certificate are pretty nice. I wish I could attend.
  14. I'm like John Q, waiting for the official number. Come on MD
  15. Experience... I heard the same from someone who received theirs last year. It's not on the website
  16. Happy Birthday and congrats!! I also read the EERM for concept and I think that helped tremendously with the qualitative questions.
  17. I'm so there with you. The responses from my coworkers say it all. Feels like Dec 19, 2004. Walking across that stage for that ChemE degree. Nobody couldn't tell me sh!t that day! Lol
  18. Blue 8

    CA Results?

    So wait in California even if you pass your PE exam you have to sit for the other two exams or is that only for civil engineers?
  19. Thanks guys. Iwire unfortunately or fortunately I'll be living in Japan by then. Grrrrr I wanted to be there! I wonder if they can mail my certificate bc that paper license is so basic.
  20. Hmmm I think a stamp. So do we now just wait for them to give us the license #? Someone in my office just asked me to endorse them to sit on October.
  21. On my couch watching the movers pack me up. Looking at EB posts only to have the email come in unexpectedly. My heart started beating so fast. Saw the pass and started shaking. So grateful. So glad I don't have to take these books with me to Japan!!!
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