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  1. Thanks all! That was the answer a professor gave me too (use normal depth unless specifically asked otherwise).
  2. Supposedly they never mailed it to me?! They were supposedly emailing it and mailing it, but yet to receive the email.
  3. Sigh. Of course they never returned my call. Mine also only has the "initial license/permit/cert fee" field blank, but no paperwork as of yet...
  4. I called today and they said all of my information is in order; however, they are unsure if the paperwork was mailed to me (but it should have been!). I was told they are inundated with applicants for April and the staff is burning vacation days. Someone is supposed to check on it and call me back.
  5. For anyone interested. http://ncees.org/exams/pe-exam/
  6. Strongly considered it. If I failed enviro a second time I was going to switch!
  7. So for once PCS didn't suck (that badly)?!
  8. Thank you! I passed this October's (second try). I at least got two more right!
  9. I had a 68% the first time (and I failed) - so if that is true, it is devastating. TWO MORE PROBLEMS! AH! Oh well, it's over and done with.
  10. That was my strategy exactly. I failed the Environmental exam the first time. The first time I focused on getting myself organized (tabbing, summary sheets, etc.) and the School of PE review course. After failing, I only did practice problems, concentrating on areas I didn't do as well in. If I didn't understand/struggled with the practice problem, I went back and reviewed the material. I also took several practice exams. Organization and then practice was key for me. I essentially made my own reference manual with equations and appendices I used and organized it by subject matter (I barely used the EERM on the exam). I indexed all of my practice problems and equations/topics alphabetically and had a separate index for each for fast reference during the exam. The prep was grueling but paid off.
  11. Oh sorry guys - didn't see it or see it on the map or looking through the threads frantically. IT WAS UP YESTERDAY?! Ugh, how did I miss that?! I passed (phew).
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