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  1. https://pics.me.me/barber-what-do-you-want-him-i-really-like-wolverine-29820930.png Hmm, I'm having trouble posting images. K1F3?
  2. https://img.ifcdn.com/images/29b2df41c00f1665cc68e0556705eddedf30e1a41b37f4ae3d54ead127ad7559_1.jpg
  3. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cd1RYFWUAAAaIpp.jpg
  4. Only if the opening sequence includes a swift, but agonizing death for Ryan Gosling. Preferably by an explosion involving a helicopter, since as we all know the badassness of a movie is directly related to the number of helicopters and explosions in it. And inversely, Goslings.
  5. SCIENCE! Reminds me of a joke our pastor told: SCIENCE! went to God and said, "God, we no longer need you. Using the power of SCIENCE! we have achieved everything you have; we know the stars, we can see the beginning of the Universe, we have mastered the power of the atom, with our 3D printers we can arrange molecules into any shape or substance we desire, we can literally take a pile of dirt and recombine the elements in a way that creates life!" God said, "Wow, that sounds pretty impressive. Can you show me?" Science said, "Sure. We start with this little pile of dirt here and..." "Whoa, whoa, whoa!", says God. "... get your own dirt..."
  6. This, but make that "13". There's a rough patch in there until they come home at 21 and admit everything you warned them about was correct. I'm just holding my breath. There's no such thing as fate, only probability. If you have a good probability-generator, good things will eventually happen in spite of the random bad, because you've put yourself in position for luck to find you. Someone with a bad probability-generator, aka bad decision making skills, will wonder why they're always so unlucky. Well, it's because they put themselves in the position for bad luck to find them. MATH!
  7. More A-10 slobbering: Check out more supercool A10 fun-facts here: https://www.thrillist.com/cars/things-you-didn-t-know-about-the-a-10-thunderbolt-ii-warthog #10. A special vehicle was built purely for loading the ammo It’s called a “Dragon.” #15. The tail has to be supported by jacks when the Avenger cannon is serviced The plane is so gun-centric it literally can't support itself when the cannon's missing.
  8. Many moons ago I boasted of the indestructible awesomeness of my Tecumseh powered Murray that I bought at Service Merchandise in 1994. The mower outlived the store. This mower survived four houses, a couple of teenagers, one marriage, and never quit. This mower went bravely into conditions that would make you say "Dear God Man, have some MERCY on that mower!" and it never quit, never died, never gave up being awesome. Oh no, no, no, it didn't finally die. But now too many pieces have fallen off of it and I got tired of having to wrap a rubber bungee around the engine to hold the throttle open every time I mowed. So a friend gave me her "broken" mower. $12.51 worth of parts later, and bazinga!, new mower. Old mower has been retired out back under the deck to rust away in peace. Good mower.
  9. Arrival: The Redbox reviews fell into two categories - "Slow/Horrible" and "Reviews by People Who Are Not Stupid". First off: Helicopters - check. Explosions - Check. So it's got two free stars right there (as we all know, the awesomeness of a movie is directly correlated to the number of helicopters and explosions in it), Cool aliens - Check, so there's three points right up front. I found it to be a very cerebral and thought provoking movie. Definitely had to replay the dialog, which is sometimes lost in background noise. I found myself 30 minutes later going, "Wait, don't you remember when she said (blahblah), and then later, TOTAL (BLAHBLAH)!!" Whoa, mind blown! Language and math are two proofs of the divine nature of the universe in my book. Don't want to over-hype it, but as an engineer, I enjoyed it. I give it over 5 stars, but then subtract a fractional portion of a star because Amy Adams nose is hyuuuge and they keep showing it in profile with the setting sun, and let me tell you that proboscis could defeat any global threat, so why worry? Good movie.
  10. Got me back into brewing, and I still have his recipe for Double Maple Syrup Imperial Stout, which was fawesome. Gave me the squats something awful though. Pure Fudgey worthy material. Ride on VT.
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