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  1. Hi All, I just took the PE Exam in April 2015 and have received my results. I am a first time California applicant and took all three exams at the same time and passed the Seismic and Surveying, but failed the 8-hr. I simply have to say that this course was horrible for the following reasons: -Books/Sample problems (except CERM) that were provided were utterly useless and way too difficult for the actual exam. I know some people say difficult problems are good, but trust me these are pointless they take hours to solve. -Presentation: The connection failed so many times online it was extremely annoying. In addition to the connection the notes that the instructor was putting on the slides were extremely illegible and unorganized. -Instructor: He is a smart guy but gave absolutely no tips or strategies for the exam. He still thought that NCEES still provided only half sample exams. When students complained that the homework was too difficult he just said that you should try to find problems that are easier to do. (Wait I thought I paid you $2000 to guide me and recommend what problems I should go through). - Overall I recommend everyone to stay away from the PPI course. The only good thing they have is the CERM. This course is simply a ploy to sell you their useless books. Thanks, subsandtowers
  2. CivEnv, My study schedule is almost the same as yours. I also have the same goal of passing all three in one try. Since, I believe Surveying is my weakest point (never have taken college courses or have done any work with it) right now, I am going through the Cuomo book and 120 solved problems. I want to get as familiar with surveying as possible before the end of December, and then take Mallahati's course in March that way I will have seen the surveying material twice before the exam. Then I plan on taking the ppi 8 hour course and study my structural depth along the way. Finally, I will take EET's seismic review. I think this should be sound strategy since I do structural/seismic stuff on a daily basis. Let me know how your studying is going. I live in San Ramon BTW.
  3. Hi all, I wanted to ask all you all a couple questions I have for preparation of the PE Exam - Structural Depth. 1. I am not too worried about the morning section, but I am worried about the afternoon. I wanted to get your opinion on how I should study for the afternoon depth. I have kept my notes and books from school (Geo: foundations, soils, Structural: steel, concrete, and other civil engineering books), but I wanted something that is just as helpful as the CERM is in the morning for the afternoon. What are your opinions on the Structural depth reference manual vs structural engineering reference manual? I have heard that the SDRM is pretty skimpy on details and going through the table of contents it does not look very good. On the other hand the SERM is more geared towards the SE exam. Should I get both of these? Or do you guys (and gals!) recommend something else. 2. I have surveyed the forums for a while now and people have mentioned that getting a hold of the old NCEES practice questions is a very beneficial in passing the exam. Do you know where I can get these? They don't seem to have them anywhere. BTW, I am taking this exam in April 2015. Thanks, subsandtowers
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