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  1. team1887

    New Jersey Results?

    Anyone get their NJ wall certificate yet from April 2015 exam?
  2. team1887

    New Jersey Results?

    The information provided said "no more than 24 credits of continuing professional competency relating to the practice of professional engineering during each biennial registration period"
  3. team1887

    New Jersey Results?

    Does anyone know if NJ sends out a certificate in addition to the actual license? all I received was a letter with my license number and process for obtaining a seal, and then the license in the mail 2 weeks later. Thanks
  4. team1887

    Selling A Few Books

    bump! All but HSM are available
  5. team1887

    Civil PE

    Work in Okinawa Japan for US military. Starting immediately Must be US citizen See link for description Message me to apply and with questions http://jobs.climber.com/jobs/Materials-Construction/USA/Program-Project-Engineer-Civil-Okinawa-Japan-/80659755#
  6. team1887

    New Jersey Results?

    Nope never got it. They said it was sent to me. But couldn't tell me when or how or to what address. So they emailed me a copy of the registration.
  7. team1887

    New Jersey Results?

    and like NJMikePE said, call often and call early (as in early in the day). I always called at 8:30/9am. Otherwise I would be on hold for more than 5 minutes.
  8. team1887

    New Jersey Results?

    so after relentless calling into the PELS office, and talking ot the same 2-3 people (they know me by name now and my story, so I dont have to explain my issue over and over again), they finally "processed my licensing documents". I looked myself up in their license search and my license number showed up. Now I just am waiting for the physical paper license in the mail. Hoping it doesnt 'go missing' like other things they have supposedly sent to me.
  9. team1887

    New Jersey Results?

    I'm also still waiting. I don't understand how slow/unequipped to handle this process they can be! I call them on multiple occasions and don't have any answers for me. Oh and they say they are also waiting on my law exam, but I did the PCS law exam for NJ and passed. I sent in a copy of the record saying I passed, since obviously they don't have their act together.
  10. team1887

    Schedule Project Manager

    Looking for a scheduler for work in Okinawa, Japan. Must be US citizen. Desired background - engineer/planner/related field Must know Primavera P6 well and working knowledge of MS Project. Daily interaction with stakeholders on billion dollar program. Contract work for 1+ years. Message me for more details.
  11. team1887

    Working Overseas

    Currently working in Japan as a contractor for US govt. You can PM me for more details.
  12. team1887

    New Jersey Results?

    Anyone else still waiting on an official letter from the great State of NJ? I emailed them asking about 2-3 weeks ago, and then called them last week and the guy gave me a run-around and said he would email me the $40 fee but never did. so frustrating...
  13. team1887

    Selling A Few Books

    Selling my books here: http://engineerboards.com/index.php?app=classifieds&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=348
  14. team1887

    New Jersey Results?

    I feel ya. I haven't received anything either. I think they need to have their board meeting and minutes approved before sending out the letters. I have been checking the meeting minutes page on their website and they havent posted meeting minutes or agenda for the past 2 months so someone has been slacking! Im trying to send out my resume, and I dont want to put PE next to my name until I have the license number! Driving me crazyyyyy
  15. team1887

    New Jersey Results?

    Anyone get their licence number or application yet?