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  1. Yeah I really hit a wall yesterday. I sat down and started to do PPI/Buckner's SE solved problems book. I was struggling right off the bat because I couldn't remember how to do virtual work or some of the other analysis methods. It was incredibly demoralizing. I decided to instead rework all of Hiner's and PPI/Barajdar CA seismic practice problems first and then give Buckner another try when I'm more in the habit of working problems. Don't give up!
  2. SDPWS is on NCEES's list of design standards for the vertical exam, meaning there could be content on the exam from it. However, I think wind loads are mostly on the lateral exam and you shouldn't have to worry about them too much. I would say bring it, but don't worry about reviewing it too much.
  3. Hey everyone I just thought I'd create a post and see how everyone is doing with the studying for the October exams. I've passed vertical and am retaking lateral (second time overall). I had planned on skipping October and taking it in April, but my work wanted me to do it now. Since they didn't ask me until the end of July, I got a late start studying this time but it also meant that I didn't feel bad asking for work to pay for the AEI review course, which has been super helpful. I've been keeping a log of my study hours in Excel to hold me accountable. I've got 117 hours in since August 1st,
  4. I had a collapsible rolling crate and stacked two milkcrates on top of it. One guy in my exam had a bookshelf with doors strapped to a dolly. I also saw another engineer who brought two dollies each with three big tubs about the size of what Lonestar posted above. I thought both of those were a little excessive, but whatever.
  5. Illinois will accept your exam results, but you will still have to get your application accepted eventually. If you have 4 years by the time you apply you'll be fine as long as everything else on your application is also acceptable. I wasn't sure if I would get accepted in IL because of some coursework issues, so I applied to take the exam in both Nebraska and IL. I live in Missouri, but we don't offer the exam. I got accepted in both states, but already had made travel plans to go to Nebraska so I took it there in April 2019. Passed vertical, failed lateral. I didn't want to take it in Nebras
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