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  1. I am glad to hear you guys(repeaters) did better than Oct' 14. I hope you all pass.
  2. " New license holders by way of examination shall be exempt for their first renewal period." what does this mean? My understanding is when I renew my license I don't need to report the PDH hours this first time...
  3. Quick Overview Relay coordination: Detailed overview:
  4. Got a $1/hour more and all expenses paid. Not much but something helps and its unexpected..
  5. did u pass ? Oh I did post in this topic "October 2014 Electrical Power Exam was Tough" how I studied for the exam if you are interested
  6. So after all the post I created that October 2014 Power exam was tough makes sense.....
  7. Ordered the 1 5/8" black pre-ink stamp yesterday.
  8. I did solve all the problems from Spin-up, Complex imaginary and NCEES. I took the camara manaul (this will help). Also NEC code book is very important. Put tabs on important topics.
  9. I didn't start studying that early however I already went through the topics of what need to be covered and put together all my college books covering those topics. I went with my college books instead of popular books recommended here because I am most familiar with those books and they are the books that I learnt stuff from. However you can always read books like Wildi, Grainger. My favorite book from college was B.L Theraja (electrical machines). This book also talks about transformers too. You can find pdf online however I have hard copy. I again stress the fact that if you still have your college text books read from that instead of buying a new one. It will help you to have good strong basics. I took all the standards to the exam. People say just print the index from some however it helped to take the entire standards. Print on two sides and two pages per sheet. That way you save paper and you don’t have to carry huge binders. I seriously started studying from August. I completed major topics before the test masters classes started. I just skimmed through NCEES problems but didn’t solve any problems until the start of test masters class. · Very very important. This helped increase my morale: ABC method of shirt circuit. You should be able to find it easily online. It’s an old pdf document by Moon H. Yuen. · Formula sheet: Very important. I took test masters. Every day I use to go home after class and write down the formulas or you can write them with in the class if you have time. Divide by topic that way it’s easier to find. · Important: Watch all the YouTube videos by complex imaginary. This will help you big. Do this before you start taking classes · Power factor correction: There are several documents online. Read carefully and become familiar with every kind of problem they can ask. If you understand the basics behind this you will be able to solve any problem. I was really good at these problems · Even though I didn’t study much protection. They did ask lot of protection questions. So go through a good book. · I did print all these topics from online sources: Batteries, parallel operation of alternators, Introduction to PLCs, Energy cost calculations, NEC mike holts index · If you can I would recommend test masters classes. Also I am aware they don’t give these classes everywhere however I recommend you take some sort of class if possible. After I go home tonight, I will add more points to this from my notes. I am sure that will be helpful too. In the mean time let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Texas has been surprisingly fast. I already have my number and pocket card. They sent me an email saying that I needed to send a copy of my stamp and a wallet sized photo of myself within the next 60 days. It's nice to be able to show my employer easy proof of having a license just days after receiving exam results. For folks who need pocket card immediately. I just found out you can print it online through Echo.
  11. Totally agree with you J-Dubbs. I took the test masters too in Houston. However it might not have helped me completely but it helped me keep going and keep up with the topics.
  12. I don't care if you believe or not what my score is however for everyone else, Texas do list our score. I am very willing to help you guys. Let me compose a list of documents I read and if possible I can send some documents I downloaded online.
  13. Did you already get the email from board about your license number or you ordered the stamp before?
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