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  1. Hello, I would like to register for the October 2018 PE review course. Did you mean that I don't have to pay the $850 fee for the next immediate session "....are welcome to attend the next course sessions at no charge." I don't pass the PE exam in one chance? does your '...full-length, self-managed practice exam (in the depth area of the candidate’s choice)" also contains 40 sample questions for the morning breadth exam in addition to sample exam for the depth section? thank you.
  2. I have 2014 (the latest one) NCEES Transportation Practice Exam book . Price is $35. You pay the shipping Pl send me an email to saif<dot>saifuddin<at>gmail<dot>com
  3. hello, Also, I want to buy your NCEES Practice Exam (2014) - Transportation Depth ($35) in addition to the 2010 HCM.
  4. Sorry for what happened last time. I am a legit buyer. I was supposed to sit for Oct 2017 PE exam but I did not sit for it. Please double check whether you have the corrections and please let me know.
  5. I want to buy the books. Do you still have them? Pl send me an email to saif<dot>saifuddin<at>gmail<dot>com quickly.
  6. Hi I want to buy your HCM 2010 book. How I can pay you? My email address is saif<dot>saifuddin<at>gmail<dot>com Do have the following updates/clarifications/corrections to 2010 HCM: Approved HCM 2010 Corrections and Clarifications (as of January 2014) Approved HCM 2010 Interpretations (as of January 2014) Replacement HCM 2010 Volume 1–3 pages (April 2014) Replacement HCM 2010 Volume 1–3 pages (January 12–February 13) Replacement HCM 2010 Volume 1–3 pages (March 2013) Pl let me know quickly. Thanks.
  7. I want to buy the following latest Civil Transportation reference books (some marks or scratches are okay on the books). AASHTO Geometric Design of Highway and Streets (GDHS), 6th Edition 2011 Highway Capacity Manual (HCM), 2010 TRB AASHTO Roadside Design Guide (RDG) 4th Edition, 2011 MUTCD AASHTO Highway safety manual, 2010 or latest Pl send me email with price for each book and their year of publication to saif<dot>saifuddin<at>gmail<dot>com
  8. Hello, Want to Buy Transportation Depth References Is anyone interested to sell latest versions of GDHS, HCM, MUTCD & RDG? Please send your year of publication/edition and price for each one to saif<dot>saifuddin<at>gmail<dot>com also
  9. I am taking transportation depth PE exam and I live in Fort Worth. Sometimes, I study in TCU library in the evenings and weekends. I would like to make a study group e.g., meet once or twice a week or once every 2 weeks to discuss any unresolved items/concepts/rpoblems with study partner(s). If anybody from Fort Worth/Arlington/Dallas area is interested to form a study group, please contact me at saif <dot> saifuddin <at> gmail <dot> com
  10. She did not go through NCEES. All her referees had to send their reference letters to TBPE again for her TX PE comity application from Virginia or Maryland. She told me that she could have got her TBPE comity license in less than 2 months if one of her referees would have sent her reference letter quickly to TBPE rather than delaying it. I am now working in TX and so, in a sense, I am not out of TX but my application for 3 yrs temporary TX PE license will probably fall under a different category than regular US PE comity applicants. Can anybody jump in and solve the mystery?
  11. I just asked one of my colleagues who moved from Maryland or Virginia to TX and she got her PE license in TX (through comity) in about 10 to 12 weeks. It seems that 5 months is a long time compared to 10-12 weeks (almost double). Is there any NAFTA (Canada & Mexico) engineer in this forum who applied for 3 years temporary PE license in TX initially and if the answer is yes, how many weeks did the Texas Board of Professional Engineers take to award the 3 years temporary PE license?
  12. Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE) awards 3 years temporary PE license to qualified NAFTA (Canada & Mexico) and South Korean engineers (minimum 7 or 8 years of experience is required after getting professional engineer license in respective countries) and the engineers must pass 8 hr PE exam to practice in TX after 3 years. I mailed my application to TBPE on 12th or 13th June 2017 by priority mail and TBPE entered my application into their system on June 21 sending me an auto-generated email saying that they will first make an administrative review (by admin staff) that will determine whether I submitted all the required papers and documents and then a technical review (by a technical person i.e., a PE) on my application package. TBPE started admin review on July 19 telling me mainly that they need my transcripts and a few other papers and finished their administrative review on August 3 meaning they received all the required papers to start evaluation of my application. TBPE finished "technical review" at the soonest and informed me on August 4 that my application will be circulated to "Engineer Board members for the evaluation of your credentials" without giving me any date when it will be circulated to engineer board members. I contacted TBPE 4 times till today to know when (approximate time line) TBPE will be able to finish their evaluation of my credentials and 3 times TBPE said basically 'they don't know' and once TBPE said 'couple of months' without saying how many months or weeks. My question for the forum is, according to your experience, on average how many weeks does TBPE i.e., TBPE's engineer board members take to complete evaluation of an application for a PE license? Can anybody answer this question? I appreciate your response.
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