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  1. Another thing to consider is that any work in Texas will have to be within your field of competency. If you are the only Texas PE in your company like I am, your company can only take on work in areas that you can prove competency in. For me that is limited due to my specific and specialized experience. You don't have to prove competency now but instead if/when something happens and they come back on you as the engineer of record.
  2. I am in a similar situation. I am the only Texas PE in my company. One of the questions that came up when seeking firm registration in other states was the requirement of the licensee on the firm registration to be one of the owners of the company. For Texas, I have found no such requirement in any of the rules. It does say that I would have "...be present and/or directly supervise engineering work during the hours of operation for the firm." As far as the pay increase, I plan to negotiate that but I would hope to arrive at about a 20% increase.
  3. Thanks, it weighed 7.5 lbs. I'm expecting to get it back from taxidermist at the end of September. Caught it on a Bigfoot Scumfrog last August on Lake Lincoln in Mississippi. My biggest so far, but I have a charter trip booked in November to Lake Toho so I might be able to upgrade it.
  4. I passed the PE on my first try this past April. I might get yelled at for saying this but I thought the PE exam was easy, almost too easy. I am not a genius and I did not graduate with a 4.0. I didn't even study for months leading up to the exam. I am a procrastinator and as such didn't start really studying until 2 weeks prior to the exam. I studied for 6-8 hours everyday leading up to the exam. When I left the exam I was very confident that I passed. I was even worried that I was too confident. I had a good strategy that helped me know how I stood when I left the exam as far as how many problems I was unsure of. I think with the proper preparation anyone that was able to pass an engineering curriculum should be able to pass the PE. Of course even with the "weed out" courses some slip through the cracks. The PE exam tends to be the last of the "weed out" tests.
  5. Sounds like you just need to wait a little longer than most of us since yours was handled a little differently. Be patient. Just think they could have made you wait to take it until October.
  6. I'll be there. I have taken a day off for less important reasons.
  7. I have been tasked with researching this subject for my boss so that when he meets with the partners they can decide how much to give me. So far I have seen everything from zilch all the way up to 20%. The company I work for has hired PEs before but I am the first one to get a PE while working for the company. So I am setting the precedent. They have always been very generous to me so I don't want to take advantage of the situation. This is almost like picking your own switch only in reverse. If I shoot too high I won't be taken seriously but shoot too low and I will miss some of my major life/career goals and not be satisfied. Any and all input is much appreciated.
  8. So if anyone from Louisiana is still checking the boards, I wonder when the LAPELS website will be updated with our PE status. Anyone know how long it has taken in the past?
  9. I didn't expect to sell them so quick but they have been sold!
  10. G-Loose

    who failed??

    I was the same way. I got in bed at the hotel about 9:00 pm. I didn't actually get to sleep until after 2:00 am. I tried everything and every position I could. I didn't feel nervous and actually didn't have trouble clearing my head, but for one of the only times in my life I just could not go to sleep.
  11. You make a good point about the reference material. I used just 3 books during the exam. I used the Lindeburg Reference Manual, The Lindeburg Quick Reference Guide, and the ASHRAE Fundamentals of HVAC. I used ASHRAE book more as a check than a reference. I had my other two references tabbed very efficiently. Know your reference material like the back of your hand.
  12. G-Loose

    who failed??

    For all those who did not pass the exam and will be taking it October, take a look at my How to Pass the Mechanical PE Exam thread in Exam Discussion>Anything About the PE Exam. Even if you're not mechanical, I think there are some things that may help you in there. It's just my 2 cents so take it for what it's worth, but I felt I needed to pass it on. You know kind of like a "Hooked on Phnoics worked for me" thread. Good luck to all of you!
  13. I had good intentions in the months leading up to the exam of doing alot of studying each and every day. Sometimes I would study for three or four hours on a Saturday or Sunday but I never got into the groove I had hoped to prior to the exam. My study time was spent doing problems from the Lindeburg Reference Manual (In hindsight the problems in the Lindeburg book were not that helpful for me, I would go through the solutions and understand the concepts instead). I knew a long time ago that I wanted to take the week before the exam off of work and I did. I believe that week was the single most important factor in my passing the exam on the first try. I studied 6-8 hours each day from Sunday through Wednesday. I spent my time working sample exam questions from 2 sources, The Lindeburg sample exam questions book and the NCEES sample exam problems book. I worked both of them as timed practice tests the first time through. I worked the NCEES problems 2 more times that week and the Lindeburg problems once more. After the first time through the practice exams I went through the solutions in detail and made mental notes of the mistakes I made each time. I spent Thursday getting my ducks in a row and went to the hotel at about 3 pm. I did a little studying and met with a friend that was taking the exam for the second time. We discussed strategy and the types of mistakes to be careful of. FYI... he passed as well. The strategy we used was to flip through each session's problems quickly the first time through and look for code questions and other "short" type problems. The second time through I looked for problems that I knew exactly how to answer and could do relatively quickly. The next time through I looked for problems I knew I could do but would take a little extra time. After each iteration the problems got more difficult or involved until eventually I was left with only the most difficult or time consuming problems. By using this strategy I was always ahead of the clock and I had alot of time left at the end of each session to attack the difficult problems that were left. I also knew how many problems I was unsure about for each session. For me there were 4 problems for the morning session and 6 for afternoon session that I wasn't confident on. I worked the HVAC afternoon session. Had I failed, I know what I would need to study in order to pass because I knew the types of problems that gave me trouble. So what I would recommend to anyone studying for the exam is in the months leading up to the exam to only review in detail the solutions to the problems in the Lindeburg Reference Manual and not neccessarily work them. Start working the sample exams the week before the exam and work them through the first time under timed test like conditions. Keep working them as many times as you can until the exam date. After the first time working them go through the solutions in detail. The day of the exam use the strategy above for working the problems. I won't guarantee you'll pass but if you don't pass you will at least have a leg up by knowing what your weaknesses are for the next exam date. I felt like I needed to share this to help future exam takers prepare for the exam. Good luck! If you use this stategy and it works for you, let me know. :p10940623:
  14. That definitely would not be acceptable to me. The company I work for passes on rate increases immediately. If you don't say anything they will take the money and run. If you do and they balkat it, you should start sending out resumes. We're hiring over here in Nawlins. Check my thread in Yard Sale>Job Postings.
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