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  1. Thank you to CAPLS. I e-mailed the Board and go this response: “They are running the licenses today check the website next week” I do get the feeling that they are really understaffed and they are patiently answering e-mails from anxious soon to be licensed engineers. Hopefully this helps those that are waiting!
  2. June 8, 2018 last PE# is still 89036 I'm still waiting for my number. I'm wondering if there are others who qualified for the exam before the decoupling and waiting for their number from the BPELSG.
  3. I'm still waiting for my number. If you are also anxiously waiting, here's some information for you. June 4, 2018 last PE# is 88886. June 5, 2018 last PE# is 89036 I will stop posting this when I get my number.
  4. Congratulations to all who have passed! Out of sheer geekiness, I figured that the last California PE# that was issued (as of their late night update of June 4, 2018) is 88886. I also got technical approval by the BPELSG before I registered for the exams. I sent the board my pass results from NCEES and I am waiting for my number also. So if you really want to see if they are assigning numbers daily, here is your baseline number to check for June 5, 2018 on forward.
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