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  1. FE - 22 (in school) PE - 27 (as soon as possible with the required experience) SE - 32/33 for the vertical and lateral portions respectively.
  2. I went into the exam with the 6th edition and notes from EET and managed to pass - I think you would be OK as long as you aren't doing the bridge exam (sounds like you aren't).
  3. @Titleistguy, I just emailed you the lateral schedule.
  4. The AEI binder/lectures is good in that it points out some more subtle parts of the code that can be easily overlooked during the test. I used the AEI binder to go through and add notes and highlights to my code books as I was more comfortable with finding most of the material in the code books. I only went to the AEI binder when I knew there was an example problem similar to something on the exam that I could reference to for all of the steps. So for me, I spent time to make sure I could reliably find everything I needed in the codes, and mainly used them during the test. I know others have said they used the binder for 90% of the test.
  5. Other than what you stated, the first thing that comes to mind for me is reduced live loads (see section 4.7 of ASCE 7-10). Another is the coefficients used for Crane Loads and Impact loads. I'm not sure whether you would define these as "Load Generation" or "Load Distribution" however. It may also be referring to something in AASHTO - I am not familiar enough with that code to comment further though.
  6. I would recommend taking them separately. I took both on my first attempt (did not put in the study time that i needed to), I was so mentally exhausted after the first day, but still had to get up and do it again for the second day - I have never felt so drained as I did at the end of the second day. I then took just the vertical and passed and followed that up with just the lateral and passed (I took EET for the lateral portion). Overall the single day attempts were a better experience just because I had time to recover after taking an 8 hour test.
  7. That's rough, so close - to me this is a prime example of why the mornings should be separate tests as well.
  8. Nebraska is out. After failing both 1 year ago, I took just vertical in April and passed and took lateral this October and passed. It feels good to be done. For any that are taking or retaking, I highly recommend the EET/AEI course, I took it for the lateral portion I just took in October and it helped a bunch.
  9. So, once the state board gets the notification and approves release, is it automated or does someone at NCEES have to be at work to release results for that state?
  10. My state board (NE) is telling me they have released the results but I haven't seen anything yet
  11. I hope he is busy celebrating!
  12. I believe I have seen in the PE forum that it is not indicative of results.
  13. That does make me feel a bit better.
  14. Which is a bit worrisome - I would prefer to see, "exam of this type has already been passed"
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