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  1. Please tell me this isn’t an actual question.
  2. I’m sure I’ve seen that equation before. Did you try looking in the MERM?
  3. Yup on a road bike you need to worry about all the road hazards (drains, rocks, sand, branches, pot holes).
  4. Wife bought these apple crisps one time. They didn’t taste like apples or chips. I decided to leave them in the kitchenette at work. Magically they all disappeared but there were grumblings around the office about these chips that tasted like cardboard. Boss said he’d rather eat the phone list. I don’t recommend apple crisps.
  5. I haven’t bothered with the clip in pedals. I do have the old fashioned pedal cages. Those are easy to get out of.
  6. P-E

    Kids of EB

    Potty mouth training as well.
  7. P-E

    Kids of EB

    The parades have turned into s-shows.
  8. P-E

    Kids of EB

    But you’ve had a lot of practice. When you coming north?
  9. P-E

    Kids of EB

    Yeah, pooping on the lawn and drinking from the toilet is not ideal.
  10. First ride of the year today. My legs feel like jello, my arse is sore, and my neck is sore. I need a nap and a beer. Need to get out there more often and get in shape.
  11. Nope. You’re not wearing the car. Hot surface will radiate heat in as well. Black seats even worse.
  12. P-E

    EB Mafia

    Feels like we’ve done this before. Or maybe we haven’t....
  13. So far got bicycling, BBQ and beer planned. Maybe some hiking too.
  14. So this thread is not about athletic underwear?
  15. I found it hard to believe that no one had a problem with the north being independent. Did I miss something?
  16. Got the fire pit going and a Heady Topper
  17. P-E

    Cut scores

    Only @Baconator knows the cut scores.
  18. The night was humid.
  19. Clouds whipping by, moon behind the trees.
  20. First night out on the deck with beer.
  21. P-E

    New Jersey Results

    Leave NJ
  22. Speaking of NJ, I need to get licensed there.
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