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  1. We have two of them. The downside is that they are loud. You’ll want to make sure you get the one that you don’t need to empty a condensate bucket. Some will evaporate the condensate and send it out with the condenser exhaust air. Some have single and some have double condenser side hoses. The single hose type will pull air from an adjacent room which can be bad if the room is large and has no doors.
  2. J, you don’t need a license to become an engineer. There are many more without a license than with. If engineering turns out to be your thing, then go for it. There’s a decent chance you may be able to get the license, but don’t let that stop you, worry about that later.
  3. We were waiting for a car in font of us to take a left turn and she plowed into us. She was going way too fast. The tree did very little damage unbelievably. I’ll have to find that picture.
  4. From the south would have been more PC. (less experience driving in the snow). Btw wife isn’t white either if you need to know.
  5. P-E

    Kids of EB

    Not sure I want Bostonians during retirement. I’m originally from the western part of the state - very different.
  6. I’m drinking cheap lagers tonight and after the last couple weeks I had at the office they will taste like champagne.
  7. Correct but minimal damage to either car.
  8. Going for the 11 day weekend.
  9. P-E

    Kids of EB

    We’re tied to the town for at least another 9 yrs through most of the 50s. Not sure about the 60s. Stay north or move to better weather?
  10. Our SUV has been in 5 accidents in the 19 months we’ve had it. a. Rear ended by neighbors Mexican nanny in a snow storm b. Friend backed into a right fender and door c. Wife backed into a friend’s car. d. Hit and run: someone backed into same right fender e. Tree fell on it. Which did the most and least damage?
  11. P-E

    Kids of EB

    Tomorrow I’ll be alternating between Stout and IPA.
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