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  1. I think the doomsauce finally leveled the playing field for pool. Didn’t get crushed every game.
  2. P-E

    Jury Duty

    Somehow I’ve only had to go once. It was a hot day and the AC broke. The judge sent everyone home and we all got credit for serving. Bring a book and consider it a day off from work.
  3. hookers and lots of them. If only I could
  4. Dear Road Guy, My favorite local brewery changed all their original beers to cater to the masses. Now they taste sweeter and kinda chalky. Should I just learn to like it or find a new brewery? Bitter in MA
  5. It exploded, but I managed to escape the flames
  6. Had one of the best days skiing today in quite some time. Snowed last night in the white mountains. Conditions at Bretton Woods were great.
  7. Some of the best engineers don’t have a PE. Some positions are legitimately engineers (train drivers and steam plant operators). I don’t care all that much to be honest, people can see through the BS titles. Most titles are BS anyhow.
  8. What it really means is that you studied too much and should have drank that beer.
  9. P-E

    Winter Camping

    After kids, I’ll take a guys weekend even if it means standing around a campfire in the snow with a few beers. Really isn’t that bad if you dress for it. Been known to hop out of the woods for dinner and drinks and running water. I save the backpacking trips for the other three seasons.
  10. P-E

    Winter Camping

    Requires a bunch of down and a bit of liquor.
  11. P-E

    Winter Camping

    Got out there Sat night. Not too bad 30-40 mph & 8F.
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