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  1. Lucky. My chair broke last week. I thought I had fixed it but I can’t get it to stay up...
  2. I'll trade you some eggs for some yeast.
  3. I called a roofing contractor to treat the north roof for moss. I hope I haven't waited too long. They were more than happy to set up a time tomorrow to stop by.
  4. Nope. The equipment is legal, distilling is legal* *Distilling alcohol is not legal unless you have a permit.
  5. Maybe I should order a still. Not bad for $126
  6. The last three guppies in the fish tank and black coffee
  7. We can't find flour (in stores or on line). Well, except gluten free.
  8. I'll be surprised if we go back in 4 weeks. I'm guessing June/July with the possibility for a second round in the fall.
  9. For those in the Denver area. Business owned by a friend of a friend of mine.
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