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  1. Going north to the White Mtns again. This time with the scouts on a back packing trip up to Lonesome Lake. Cold morning.
  2. It’s almost Friday. Having a double dry hopped double IPA.
  3. Your co worker was lucky. I don’t know too many that are given time during the work day to study. I studied for 5 months on the train in, nearly every evening until 11 and all weekend with a 4 yr old at home. Like RG said, get it done and move on. Good luck!
  4. 48 ain’t any better.
  5. I’m partial to shakira. She turned 43 today.
  6. um maybe the parking lot.
  7. 4 chiefs FGs and I’m all set.
  8. How many points for a botched FG and return by defense?
  9. I need a missed extra point, pick 6 with two point conversion and a safety. No problem.
  10. Damn. AK is cleaning up.
  11. P-E

    Looking for Advice

    Suf, have you been designing mechanical systems in power plants? My company designs small cogen plants and we have an office in Southern California.
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