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  1. AB was a matter of time. Gordon lasted longer. Thought Gordon was going to washout first.
  2. Company started up bagel Fridays again. Time for a free bagel.
  3. Starting to look that way.
  4. White Mtns I assume? I’d like do a weekend backpacking trip up there this fall. It’s been a while Will be doing my winter trip over at the dry river trail in Jan. ⛄️
  5. You need one of these.
  6. Reminds me of the time I took the train home and when I got to the parking lot, I realized I drove into the city that morning.
  7. Happy belated. Welcome to the closing in on 50s club.
  8. P-E

    nominal pipe sizes

    1” and 3” are common sizes. Larger pipe is generally even numbers. 5” exists but not common. The inside and outside diameter depends on the schedule pipe (schedule 10, 40, 80, standard, etc) and sometimes material (steel, copper, ductile iron, etc)
  9. P-E

    Kids of EB

    Fire up the coffee machine. Congrats.
  10. There’s quite a few houses with panels here in Mass. There are decent incentives here otherwise the payback would be too long.
  11. Otnay Appyhay etyay
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