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  1. My neighborhood got together and bought a Little Wonder leaf vac. The thing is a monster. You don't want to run it without hearing protection. It probably saved me days of leaf blowing and raking last fall.
  2. Same here. Lot of the stuff I bought a long time ago still works fine. Maybe when they stop working, I'll switch over. I have a cordless weed trimmer and hedge clipper. The hedge clipper still works fine but the weed trimmer not so much - it never had enough power. I replaced it with a Stihl FS90R. It has a 4 stroke engine, but still have to mix the gas and oil. Works great.
  3. What a horrible week. Up late every night. Time for some beers!
  4. P-E

    Corona Spam Thread??

    Wait? You work?
  5. I’ve been wanting a stand to do simple things like clean/oil the chain. That one looks good.
  6. I had that a year or so ago. It lasted for what seemed forever. I got it from shoveling dirt trying to landscape/grade my side yard. You just need to let it rest and heal - it will eventually go away.
  7. Someone needs a splash in the drunk tank.
  8. With you @dleq A lot we don’t fully know yet and we are a long way from being done with this. If we get a vaccine by the end of the year, it will be like the modern day accomplishment of landing on the moon.
  9. P-E

    Corona Spam Thread??

    My brother is stopping by around noon to trade some Trillium for Treehouse. I could be convinced to crack one open.
  10. P-E

    Corona Spam Thread??

    Just don’t bring them with you to the city riots.
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