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  1. P-E

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    Wedgies. Are you in?
  2. P-E

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    Sounds okay. I'll wait to pick until you decide.
  3. P-E

    Happy Belated NJM

    @NJmike PE happy belated birthday
  4. P-E

    NFL 2018

    These second MNF games are rough for us in the east. 11pm and just starting the 2nd qtr.
  5. P-E


    Feel for ya. Guy in my office is in the same boat. Now he has three kids. Get it done before that. I took it many years out and had to read each chapter of the fe PPI book, take notes, then condense important stuff on a cheat sheet, then do all the problems and any others I could get my hands on, then move on to the next chapter. Took 5 months. I'm mechanical, but I'd figure the effort is similar for civil. Good Luck.
  6. P-E

    It's Friday!!!!

    Only if you're planning to run a half marathon.
  7. P-E

    The Running Thread

    I ran and drank today. The drinking was a lot easier. Trying to get back from a knee injury last Dec skiing.
  8. P-E

    It's Friday!!!!

    Ja mon tell me more about the baking.
  9. P-E

    It's Friday!!!!

    I can't wait to not be here tomorrow.
  10. P-E

    NFL 2018

    What a dull game so far. More penalty yards than offensive yards it seems.
  11. P-E

    The Running Thread

    I did a beer to couch the other night.
  12. P-E

    Random Topics 3.1

    I've been lucky. Only summoned twice. The first I was away at college and got out of it. The second time the air conditioning broke down very early and the judge sent everyone home and we all got credit.
  13. I dunno. That's unreal.
  14. P-E

    The Running Thread