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  1. Just received my results from Missouri today... I passed the Water/Env. Wah00!
  2. What is everyone studying for the structural portion of the morning exam? The CERM seems to be fairly involved.
  3. Has anyone that has worked the depth portion of the WR/ENV Six Minute Solutions book found it more difficult than practice problems from other sources? Is the difficulty of this book any representation of the actual exam?
  4. Has anyway signed up to use the "the other board" Exam Cafe? If so, was it worth the money? (Civil Discipline)
  5. Does anyone know if there are any Triaxial Shear Test questions on the Morning Geotech Breadth portion of the Civil PE? The CERM's sample question book seems to really stress this topic. Thanks!
  6. Wow, tough crowd. I guess we don't have many low pressure sewer designers here.
  7. What software is everyone using to design low pressure sewer systems? In addition, if you have used Haested's WaterCAD for this, has anyone encountered the software's inability to evaluate high spots in a line?
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