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  1. I ate a banana and drank coffee for breakfast. I packed my standard lunch in a cooler (sandwich, fruit, carrots, yogurt, and some crackers). I also packed a drink (like a diet cola or juice). Bottom line: I didn't stray from my normal routine. Make sure you have your bathroom schedule down. I recommend staying away from excessive amounts of dairy.
  2. Congrats to all NY-ers that passed. You have snatched the pebble from the hand. The student is now the master. You may now leave. If you did not pass, success will have more meaning the next time around. I believe in you. Believe in yourself. Be true. Be honest. Persevere.
  3. I wouldn't recommend ever basing your choice of exam on past test statistics. You need to worry about knowledge and understanding of the subject matter in order to succeed. The only number that matters is the number of questions that you can answer correctly. So choose your discipline based on topics that you have the most practical understanding and work-related experience. Just be honest with yourself.
  4. I checked when I got the email. The time between reading the email and logging onto the NCEES web-site was a super adrenaline rush and the outcome wasn't a let-down. My advice is to wait for the email to maximize your experience.
  5. This is why it's called "work" and not "fun". For me, it's the people that make work enjoyable. If you don't like who you work with or work for, then it's probably time to move on.
  6. Review courses offer guidance. They layout a plan and encourage you to do the work. You'll know right away where you stand, week to week. If you don't understand a concept being reviewed, then you can immediately spend more time in that weaker topic or ask questions. The amount of material to cover can be daunting and a review course helped me better utilize my time; time which there is only a finite amount. I also found the support forums for live and online courses to be helpful. It didn't feel like I was working alone.
  7. Has anyone moved from Private Sector to Public sector employment? The pay will be less in the public sector, but I am hoping that taking a step back will lead to better career training and more opportunities down the road. I am now soliciting opinions about making such a career move.
  8. My theory is the NCEES uses whatever color is shipped to them from China.
  9. I also used luggage on wheels. I doubt I could have properly fit all of my references into one or two backpacks. I pared-down the books the morning of the exam (eliminating some text books I felt were unnecessary). I felt this helped with organization. The largest items I packed were an 11x17 binder filled with charts, 3 or 4 binders of print-outs (from a review course), and a few 'thick' handbooks (Mark's, Perry's, & MERM).
  10. According to the NCEES website, 56% of PE test takers passed the October '14 exams. 11,518 test takers 6,430 passed Just think of that statistic and remember your exam day. Chances are that somewhere between half to a third of the people in the room didn't pass their exam. If you are reading this thread - don't worry about cut scores or failing scores. Learn the material by solving problems. It will help you build confidence. Most people can pass with adequate time, effort, and understanding.
  11. buffalo

    Steam Tables

    I find the Mollier Chart to be a very useful tool. A large chart with a couple of straight edges works fantastic. THe only drawback is you are not allowed to mark points or sketch lines on your reference materials during the exam; this could make analysis of some processes cumbersome. I didn't use the steam tables in the MERM. I had an expanded set that I put in a 3-ring binder. I tried to avoid spending a lot of time searching for properties. I suggest using references you are familiar with - or become familiar with.
  12. buffalo

    Pay Raise?

    No raise. Just satisfaction. I expect most will be rewarded in the long run.
  13. Each discipline is easy if you remember a few core concepts: Transportation: Get yourself to a bathroom. Mechanical - Poop in toilet that is bolted to the floor. Thermal Fluid Systems: Open valve to flush poop. Civil - Poop flows downhill. Electrical - Don't poop in the dark. HVAC - Use exhaust fan when pooping. Chemical - Spray aerosol after pooping. Environmental - Wipe and wash hands after pooping. There you have it. No BS, only S. One and done!
  14. I didn't have a schedule set in stone, but I would maintain "core" days for studying. I took online class 2 nights a week (each lecture was 3+ hours, 7-10pm). The other evenings I would carve out as much time as realistically possible to do "homework" problems and organize, read, and understand my references. Most studying would occur late at night after getting the kids to sleep. This may sounds zany, but I would also fall asleep, wearing earphones, re-listening to weekly lectures hoping that I would subconsciously retain more information. The subliminal learning process was probably not effective. But, hey, why not? I scheduled time-off from work the 4 Fridays preceding exam and spent 8 hour day at the library wearing earplugs, solving problems, using my references. I believe that was the most important part of my schedule. It gave me mental endurance and prepared me for exam day environment. Good luck.
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